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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunrise, Sunset

With the TV off—deck petunias waving in the morning breeze, and sunlight creeping into the Lovely Crevice like consciousness after a good night's slumber—one would never suspect our state, maybe even the entire country, to some extent, is suffering through another mind numbing senseless act of brutality.  

Not that it wasn't in their hearts,  but I could't see it in the faces of tourists nor pool patrons last night. On the fringes, life doesn't stop for death. Life barely paused for nine eleven—as if it was a minor pothole. Life doesn't so much as blink for IEDs that shrapnelize Hummers, suicide bombers that maim market squares, or airplanes that fall from the skies of Scotland. But likened to an earthquake, as one moves towards the epicenter of destruction and devastation, life comes to a standstill. I saw it on the news, frozen on crumpled faces, in eyes... streaming tears of grief, in the shock and numbness of body language. As reporters tiptoed around a suburban Denver movie theater turned war zone, collecting flesh and blood images and stories, our lives went on... but it took a little piece of our hearts, and a little peace of our minds. 

I don't know what to do about horrible things beyond my control. They lay in my lap like a dead puppy.  God help us.  


  1. I've been thinking a lot about this, Mark. I saw the same thing on the faces of those who lost loved ones. I felt sick in the pit of my stomach, but I went on with my day.

    In the evening, I found out that my sister's pup had died, and that news brought my tears on as I tried to comfort her, and THAT news has been foremost in my mind.

    I have come to believe that everyone has their own "personal 911"--it just never makes the news, yet it is the most devastating moment in their life.

  2. The evil that is loose on the earth is beyond understanding.

    We need not look to Syria, or the Sudan for it...

    It finds us right here at home.

    What can we do? There is only one thing... Live ...

    Live for those taken. Honor their lives and their pain by Living each day with the passion and respect that was taken from them.

    Live with courage and honor. Do not react to such obscenity with knee jerk destruction of Liberty... or the hateful acts of racism and prejudice that are often the produce of such acts of insanity.

    Live as those who have died would have wished to.

    Something to remember is that going on... is hardest for those who survive. The lost are beyond our pain and fears. Have courage and compassion for each other... and when the tears have dried... LIVE, like there is no tomorrow.

  3. Hobo and Brian, you make good points...
    Every second is a gift; make appropriate use of it.

    thanks for your kind comment...

  4. I'm thinking I might be a tad more comfortable with the slightly more horizonal hikes these days. But, one never knows till one has a right good smack at it eh. Love all the great scenery of course......

  5. Thanks, Al...
    Some of these hikes do push the comfort zone :))
    But there are others to choose from...


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