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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Wildflowered Movie... Sprinkled With Wildlife; It's Enough To Make A Guy Drool

At the risk of "spamming" readers with supernatural beauty, I thought I would risk putting up a Wildflower Movie from a primo hike Bobbie and I took above and beyond Bullion King Lake, and on a ridge run to Ohio Peak where we ran into a herd of elk.

We are set to lead our RV guests on an expedition into the Red Mountain Range this morning. The monsoons are on pause today, so we are off to a leisurely start. Now watch it pour... like 
"Yes Lord." 
"Build an Ark!"

Now, grab a cup and enjoy a cool mountain journey into the "Alpine Zone." Just click the link below:


  1. Jim and Sandie,
    Thanks guys :)) I'll try to keep it down... sometimes I just can't help myself...

  2. One of my favorite spammers...really sent a great one this time. Thanks.

  3. Glad the rains gave you a break. I'd want to just lay down in those fields of flowers and call it good. Excellent video made me feel like I went along, and didn't even get tired.

  4. Don't you dare call that SPAM!!! Oh my goodness, how grateful I am to see things thru your eyes. That was just beautiful.

  5. Great views of flowers and mountains, missed being on the Red Moutain hike. Telluride was beautiful today after all the rain yesterday afternoon. I got lazy today and took the chair lift to Prospect trail and avoided the 2 mile up hill climb.

  6. After your cut on Florida trails I will admit to never enjoy the view of herd of elk- down here-that would certainly be exciting for sure!! nice video- sent you RV info on facebook message -take care

  7. Russ,
    "Favorite Spammer?" I think that's a compliment?
    Thanks :))

    With carpets of wildflowers and ridge lines and elk, we didn't get tired either. In fact, it was hard to turn around and come home. :)

    Donna K,
    Thank you! Now I have "purpose."

    John Q.
    We missed you too. We had nine hikers, you would have made ten. But the plan didn't fall into place till the last minute so I didn't call :(( Logistics in not our forte.

    Walden Steve,
    You have seen a herd of alligators tho, haven't you?
    I got your message on the motor home you have for sale. If you don't sell it let us know... I'd like to see some pics. Thanks Steve!!!!


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