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Monday, July 2, 2012

Spielberg Smealberg: I Got Video "Game"

Well, maybe not... but I'm Bunny Rabbit prolific if nothing else, producing offspring at a rate of a couple of films per month. My Youtube video collection now has over 50 adventurous "children" to choose from, putting you just one click away from adopting blue skies and "butterflies" on rainy shut-in days or when TV programing sucks. So flutter on by once in a while.

Of course it's hard to go wrong shooting the "subject matter" around Lovely Ouray; blindfolded, behind the back, between the legs... you can't miss. The latest BCB Youtube release is a movie version of my last post... "Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky." It contains video views of our outing to Spencer Basin, climbing 13'ers, wildflower wading and summit views of a drop dead gorgeous part of Colorado over near Silverton. Check it out by clicking the link below. Video sheds a different perspective compared to "stills," a visual amalgam, the "Big Picture," one more encompassing, panoramic, and hopefully worth your time.

                    "Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky" 


Yep, should'a built my house out'a bricks

The "Leaning Tower" has nothing on old buildings in the High Rockies... 20 feet of snow will do that.

This guy has a nice boondock a few miles out of Silverton

Thanks for stopping by the BCB!
Hurry back
You won't want to miss our
Foul Weather attempt to climb Mount Hayden West 
Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Some beautiful footage in your video, nice job. Sure makes me miss the high country.

  2. Spotted Dog,
    Thank you. I guess this is your old "stomping grounds."
    BTW, I like that new fangled travel trailer on your blog post.

  3. Nice job on the video. Our limited Snow Bird travel times have prevented us from seeing much of Colorado's majesty over these past 5 years. By the time we get on the road it's too cold & snowy in the high country & by the time we head home in the Spring, roads can still be closed & the weather iffy. When we had planned on full timing years ago, Colorado in summer or early fall was always on the top of my list. Have only ever passed through Colorado a couple times on our way West in search of warm temps...........

  4. Al,
    I understand... Summers here are short and sweet, basically June, July and August. Outside of those months you might need a coat and long pants, and it could well be snowing. Thanks to global warming, our summers are getting longer :))

  5. Such beautiful scenery. Look forward to exploring your neck of the woods in a couple weeks.

  6. Jim and Gayle,
    We'll do some hikes that meet with your approval, then go for some pizza and draws :))

  7. Sitting here sweating in the 100's, so we just sat in front of the computer screen (with the fan blowing on us for the proper effect) and watched several of your videos. Made us feel like we were right out there in the Colorado high rather than this humid hotbox of the Midwest. Those fires had better not prevent us from making it out there in a few weeks!

    Beautiful video - I loved how the camera was walking through the wildflowers.

  8. Chris and Mindy,
    I feel your pain :(( I remember some of those days, back when I was trapped in Missouri. I hope the videos cooled you down. Maybe if you put the fan in the fridge... I know, it's not funny.
    The fires are (so far) not in our neighborhood. Let's hope it stays that way. The town is packed with tourists... visitation and sales are up from last year... and the pool is swimming with people. Monsoons are just getting cranked up so I'm looking forward to some good solid thunderstorms... without the lightning.
    hang tough.


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