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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Eye Candy Has RV Group Seeing Red

It's always fun to share a favorite hike, destination, or anything special, for that matter, with someone who can appreciate it. I suppose it's your appreciation that motivates continuation of this humble Blog... that, and I never run out of stuff I need to get off my chest. Not only are Blogs cheaper than therapy, they provide opportunities to make new acquaintances and connections with interesting, Wander oriented people... like Boonie, Scamps, John Q, Jim, Gayle, Debbie, and soon, Illinoians Chris and Mindy (rumor has it they slipped into town. Either that, or the Sweet Corn Fairy has taken a liking to us). 

I would like to believe "Life's Little Adventurers" blossomed into slightly bigger adventurers during their visit to Lovely Ouray, and that they had a memorable experience while here. Certainly being mauled by a pack of Dobermans is an "adventure" Jim will remember (the story grows embellished :)).

Hikes within the Red Mountain range are fraught with eye candy, "Postcards," every bit as compelling as a blonde behind the wheel of her little red Corvette. It's a weakness for some, the Mountain Porn that frolics out our Imax Windows. It's why we live in Lovely Ouray. Always will. I have yet to yawn over our "Movie," even in winter... although I occasionally wish the Director would edit out some of the cold. 

I agree with Bayfield Al who commented on my last post, "I'm there on account of all the fantabulous scenery I haven't seen, am seeing or have seen before." No offense, Boonie, "Expectations" not withstanding, Natural wonder eye candy does not get old to most RV'ers... nor do I tire of my "supermodel" Energizer Bunny wife :)).

It wasn't quite a "nightmare," maybe just a bad dream, but we finally managed to overcome logistics of meeting place, weather, sleepyheads, broken alarm clocks, who rides with who... and landed nine hikers, two dozen hiking poles, three vehicles, and one rambunctious Coffee Girl dog, at the Grey Copper trailhead... before noon! Number ten, John Q, was there in spirit, as he escaped to rub elbows with the rich and famous over in Tinkle Town (Telluride). I'm not sure what John sees in their Box Canyon that bests our's. I guess he enjoys Hollywood glitter... the dime store cowgirls in Polo apparel, wrapped in Grateful Dead mink stoles, and shoed in designer Cowboy boots that never smooshed a single cow pattie. Hey John, be sure to tell Tom Cruise we said "Hi," and that we're sorry his Science-fiction-tology didn't mesh with Katie's Baptist roots.

That's Marathon Man Leonard, growing out of my head...
Debbie, growing out of Bobbie's head...
Jim, growing out of Gayle's head...
Sheesh, guys!

Pal Boonie and Coffee Girl, ignoring the eye candy.

Jim and Gayle

Mine Shack backdrop at Vernon Mine

Heading down


  1. Those mountains look faked.

  2. Scenery appreciation DOES in fact get old to MOST full time RVers. You and Al are implicitly talking about newbies, wannabees, and part-time RVers who are basically in tourist/vacation mode, and for them, I agree with you both.

  3. Not sure I agree with Boonie. We've been out on the road for four years and the scenery is still the main attraction for me. And since we don't hike or climb, I love seeing those places that others visit that I will never see in person.

  4. hmmmm, the beauty of the world around us gets "Old"???

    It can get old... on the same day that the Blood in your veins gets "Old" so you discard it... or the Fresh and crisp, pine scented air of a high mountain morning in your lungs gets "Old" so you stop breathing...

    or the friends you've made in life get "Old" so you walk away from them...

    a Drink of Cool water gets "Old" after a hard climb up a steep slope... so you don't savor it...

    If the visions of a wondrous landscape are "Old" and tiresome... the thing that is missing, is not missing from the landscape...

    I've wandered this land for sixty summers. Horse, Truck, Armored Vehicle, Motorcycle, foot, RV and Bus. I've lived on it and in it. I've seen more "Life" at times than I might have cared to...

    The Visions of an unspoiled land still feed and refresh a tired soul. When they get "Old"... I am dead.

  5. Even though I see most scenery from the car, I still appreciate it. Coming around that bend in the road that I have never been on before and catching that first glimpse of the mountain (or stream, or ocean, or...), well, it just feeds my spirit. It never gets old.

  6. You sure do know how to show guests a good time with all this eye candy.

  7. Mark, fabulous pictures, as always...just wanted to reaffirm how much I enjoy your blog...have read every entry now for 2Plus years...used to backback and hike mountains and Grand Canyon, but aging, arthritic joints have catapaulted me into (gulp) ATVing...in fact will be making 3rd annual trip with 2 grandsons into the San Juans in 2 weeks. Thanks again for what you do. Ken B

  8. Well, gotta totally disagree with Boonie on this one. I have spent most of my 67 years here in Southwestern Ontario & I can still go out each & every day & find myself surrounded by wonderments of nature. And, why can I do that? Simple, because it has nothing to do with being a tourist, a wannabie, a wallabe or whatever I think I wanna be. Nothing to do with RV part timing, full timing, or old timing. Everything to do with one's attitude & never mind the altitude!!

  9. Mark, you know Boonie is just trying to stir things up. He seems to appreciate the spectacular scenery of Ouray just as much as the rest of us, he just won't admit it.
    We had a great time meeting and hiking with you and Bobbie. You made our time here really special and we hope our paths will cross again.

  10. Too be extremely blunt, the only thing getting old, Bonnie, are your tired, worn out, cynical remarks.

  11. I will bookmark your blog and have my kids check up here frequently. I'm very certain they will understand lots of new stuff here than anybody else.

  12. Just to clarify Boonie.... the above Kelly is not me !

  13. Anon,
    Red Mountain does look fake... you must see it to believe it.

    You sure "qualify" your "agreements."

    Jim and Sandie,
    It's why they put big windows in RV's, right?

    CowBoy Brian,
    What a "poem," your comment. :)) Thanks!

    Donna K,
    I'm feeling the need to come around a bend and see an Ocean!!! to balance my mountains and desert. Thanks for the idea.

    We are immersed in eye candy and good times with friends, for sure. You need to come hike when you get a chance.

    Ken B.
    Thanks for the "affirmation," It's always nice to hear that. I appreciate your faithful wading of the BCB, and hope it's worth your while. I do not judge ATV'ers when creaky joints graduates them to motorized travel. I will be there someday... See you on the trails around Lovely Ouray. Thanks for commenting.

    Well stated... to each their own vice, or eye candy.

    Jim and Gayle,
    I know Boonie is a "pot stirrer." But there brews a of cup of truth to his pot of porridge. I still love 'em for his unique style and stands against the "RV establishment," even if I don't agree :)) It was great meeting you guys and Debbie. I hope we meet again... say Zion in November? We'll be hiking and biking there, so stop by if you are in the neighborhood. Angels Landing awaits...

    I suspect Boonie got a real kick from your comment, the little imp :)) Don't let him get under your skin or else he wins...
    Still, Thanks for saying what everybody else was thinking :))

  14. I too am still turned on by eye candy and I have been fulltiming over 2 years. My question to Boonie - What is it that turns you on?


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