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Friday, July 27, 2012

Chimney Rocks! And So Does Courthouse...

We ascended into a heavenly Far View Zone, guiding John Q and Boonie to the lofty summit of Courthouse Mountain. It's one of those "short but steep" hikes... less than four miles round trip, but it felt like eight if you asked your knees and toes. But mind and eye rule over matters of pain on such a hike... knees and toes hold their complaint, for it is worth every toe jamming twinge to gaze down upon Chimney Rock—rising proud and firm like some terrestrial phallus—and its serrated connecting ridge line that cuts thin air like a knife.

I don't know why I keep trying to make a "Postcard" convert out of Pal Boonie; he's such an "atheist" when it comes to pretty scenery. I have shared several scenic "alter calls" with Boonie, the likes of which would bring Madalyn Murray O'Hare to her pudgy little knees while Amazing Grace plays triumphantly in the background. But my pal is a rock, a hardened "sinner" when it comes to "Postcards from the edge." 

I attempted to read Boonie's mind as we gained the summit. I looked into his eyes... trying to glean at least a glimmer of impress. But he wore his usual poker face, one that trumped my Straight Flush surroundings like it was but a pitiful losing hand. The coup de grace was when his poker face yielded to grins and giggles at the apex. "Finally," I thought, what a satisfying and redeeming moment... until I realized he was all agog over a dog that rested in its owners lap. 

Boonie's camera came out of hiding; he showed genuine emotion... joy, to the point of giddiness. But it wasn't due to the hard won and stunning Postcard views that teared my eye. Nor was it due to the gnarly serrated ridge line that chilled my spine. Not even the grandeur of Chimney Rock, splitting the far view like a machete, could divert Boonie's attention to the purpose of our efforts. Nope, it took a dog on Courthouse Mountain to force Boonies hand. 
He got his "postcard," I got mine. A good day.

Boonie pets his "Postcard" on the summit of Courthouse Mountain



  1. INCREDIBLE pictures! I'm afraid I couldn't handle those dizzying heights. Kudos to you all.

  2. Not sure I would have made it up that last part. Glad we were busy that day! Great pics as usual.

  3. That looks like a tough trail yet the views are to die for.

  4. Hobo Pals,
    Thanks! We all have different levels of toleration for heights. Believe it or not, mine used to be low.

    Jim and Gayle,
    With Bobbie there you would have made it, she doesn't take No for an answer :))
    And besides, the top is just around the bend, right?

    "Views to die for," that's an interesting choice of words :0

  5. Let me explain it like this: the human brain is a "discounting" machine. The great scenery was expected, and therefore discounted, before we left the truck. The dog on top was a surprise.

    Do you think when Tom Brady's supermodel wife walks into the bedroom, that he thinks she's some big deal? Sure she's beautiful, but so what? She was beautiful yesterday, and will be tomorrow. It's not news. He probably watches a movie in bed and falls to sleep.

  6. Boonie,
    I have a great comeback for your comment, but I fear it will get me in hot water with Bobbie.
    So, you win.
    I do get it, sort of... which makes me wonder why my brain doesn't "discount" supermodels and mountain tops.

  7. Mark, I want to hear your comeback to Boonie and no Twin Peaks jokes.
    The Courthouse Mountain hike was very special, because of the mountain formations, I would have to rank it towards the top of my list of best hikes. Like a sheep herder, Bobbie keeps us moving along and it was great fun getting to know Boonie.

  8. My mind kind of works on the account side of things instead of of the discount side. I'm there on account of all the fantabulous scenery I haven't seen, am seeing or have seen before. The physical exercise is sencondary, the visual mental exercise is priority......

  9. John Q,
    I always enjoy the Courthouse/Chimney Rock hike. It's stands separate from the San Juans and so one feels less crowded by other peaks. I get lost in the haze of far valley views... rolling timber, spilling down to fresh cut hay fields, and the thought that real cowboys still work the land.

    Bayfield Al,
    i don't tire of eye candy scenery, either. It distracts me from the negative side of life.
    Thanks for commenting.

  10. I can't do hikes like that but I sure enjoy seeing the scenery through your eyes. That is one of the main reasons we travel whenever we can. But then, I sure would have been excited to encounter a pooch amidst all that beauty as well!

  11. I am glued to my screen with each hike you take. I too never tire of the eay candy you are experiencing.

  12. Donna K,
    Boobie'e Norwegian Elk Hound, Max, used to accompany us to the summits of some 14'ers until his hips started to give out. We think about getting another dog all the time. I appreciate you traveling along on our hikes and climbs and hope our hips don't give out for a while yet.

    Thanks for your endorsement! So many trails, so little time. You should hike our perimeter trail... it circles Lovely Ouray and crosses Box Canyon's depths with a little footbridge.
    Thanks for commenting all,


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