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Saturday, June 17, 2017

More Mountain Spam... A Windy Hike to Ouray Overlook and a couple new Glacading Videos from Black Bear hike

Another day in paradise...even if we didn't get above timberline (sigh) nor conjure up a single drop of adrenaline (double sigh).  

Let me know if I'm boring some of you with the constant stream of BCB Mountain Spam Stories and Photos, and I'll try to throttle back the enthusiasm and frequency. 

Stats/info: Ouray Overlook Trail Y's off the Weehawken Trailhead across from the Forest Service Campground about 4 miles up Camp Bird Road.

Elevation gain: 2,200 feet
Roundtrip distance: 5.6 miles
Terrain: Aspen/conifer woods hike...best done in autumn.
Just not feelin' it...
Oh, the glacading links... I put them on Youtube for better clarity. About a minute each:
Video one
Video two


  1. please don't stop posting pic's! Us people still tied to a desk with a computer on it depend on your posting's to keep us going. And I really like the video's, I can't believe how brave you and Bobbie are. Bet that makes for a sore bum!

  2. I never get tired of your photos. Beautiful!!

  3. Please keep up the posts. It's so much easier going along with you from our chairs!
    I love those videos. I think I would have just sat and slid down from the beginning :-)

  4. Enjoyed the beautiful photos and the fun videos. What a great way to enjoy life- Mary Lou

  5. Ok, first, did you start a new Hi Carb Energy Diet? Just two months ago we barely heard from you and we said no surprise there he's bound to be hitting the wall any time now. So now we are back to logging on after that first cup of joe in the morning to see where in the San Juans you're doing the Research this day. You are just setting all of us up for a big Hurt!😧So think about that on your way up the The Brewery tonight.🍺
    We'll be watching.

  6. Wow- usually check out BCB on my little tablet or phone but today checking it out on one of those big monitors in office in my building wow cool!! have to try this more often-!!!!! Walden Creek Rv steve take care


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