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Sunday, June 25, 2017

MOAB, Paper Boats, and Mother Cabrini

Using only duct tape and cardboard, Colorado School of Mine students hold an annual contest/race to see who can build a paper boat sturdy enough to withstand the rapids of Clear Creek in downtown Golden.

After flying back to Denver from Toledo a few weeks ago, we spent a couple days at MOAB. Not Moab, MOAB...as in Maia, Owen, Anita, and nephew Brent's house in Golden). Golden is also home to Coors Brewery, which no one with a Beer IQ over a hundred would dare imbibe. 

I love Golden. If you put a gun to my head and said "move to the city," Golden would be it. I like that it sits up in a little bowl in the foothills, near, but out of sight of, Denver, that "a river runs through it," that it has hike/bike paths along said river, and hiking trails minutes from downtown, which I also love for all the Mom and Pop bistros, breweries, and artsy bronze sculptures.   

So we spent a couple days. Son, Caleb, who lives in Denver, came over to MOAB's, along with bride, Kelli, our super, brand new Dotter-in-Law :). 

I thought the sono-tube raft faired the best. Sono-tubes are forms made for concrete piers, like for pouring concrete for deck supports, so they are quite rigid and strong. 

The aftermath of the paper boat race is a dumpster full of soggy cardboard.
There's also a kayak course on Clear Creek...Share the road; Share the river.

Caleb and Kelli (looking pretty buff, son! And Kelli, you're looking pretty cute. 
MOAB's lovely backyard deck...a good place to hang out

Free Wi Fi

We buzzed over to the Mother Cabrini Shrine... climbed about a million stairs in order to take selfie's with Big Jesus. We couldn't get Him to smile, tho, too much weight on his shoulders. Sure wouldn't want His job... 

Can't go to MOAB's without hiking Table Mountain...

The bowl in which Golden sits

You can see downtown Denver from Table Mountain

MOAB lives down there, at the bottom of Table Mountain

Winding down after a busy day... waiting on Chef Brent to fire up the grill.

Niece Maia plays with fire, and Daddy Chef goes to work at the grill while we drink his beer.

Anita, the "A" in MOAB. The "O" in MOAB is Owen...who never sat still long enough for a photo. 

Good times; Good food; Good people; Good location. Thank you MOAB :)? 


  1. Nothing like good times with good people, looks like you had a great time.

  2. The paper boat race looks like fun. Guess the students drank enough beer that the ice cold water didn't bother them when they fell in!
    Golden seems like a nice place to live, and your nephew sure has a great-looking house.

  3. brings back memories- right out of college- first trip to Colorado stopped in Golden looking for work at Coors ended up in Loveland - job at STC storage tech corp- years ago - thanks Mark! Walden RV steve

  4. We didn't hike Table Mountain when we stayed in the area. Golden was a great place. We, too, enjoyed it. Love the boat race!! I imagine it was great fun to watch.


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