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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

To My Fellow Fiscal Conservatives and The Right Wing Lunatic Fringe At Large…

Speaking of "carnage," man, what a mess in the GOP… a 16 ring circus with "barker" The Donald smack in the middle and seemingly running the sideshow. Lordy. What's next, mud wrestling?

I can't believe the polls. Is it a measure of party desperation or ignorance, that, of all the fish in the barrel, Trump, Trump! floats to the top? And what, if by some miracle, Donald Trump does get elected, who in their right mind would take the "spin" job of White House Press Secretary? Can you imagine having to bag up all the daily faux pas excrement from such an unfiltered mouth? 

Think about it, do you really want Donald Trump's itchy "Your Fired" finger on "The Button?" I know most voters, regardless of party affiliation, are fed up with games and gridlock in Washington DC. And while this has been fun and entertaining, really, Tea Partiers, this is no time for lunacy. Rein in your "fringe" and field a viable candidate or else the Clintons will be moving back into the White House. I don't think I have the stomach for a First Man, Bill.

Now, on to more positive things, like strolling Lovely Ouray. I love how, one by one, old Victorian homes are being renovated back to their former glory.    

Speaking of "restored," I stumbled upon this VW extended cab pickup and lusted in my heart.

Had a follow up with my Surgeon, Dr Sharp. I told him I was being a good boy this time around, but that it's killing me. He was unsympathetic. Guess I'll just keep strolling around town, counting down to October. That's when we'll go bail Goldie out of the pound and start loading our stuff for the annual fall getaway to Utah. Doc said I should be able to do some light hiking and biking by then, but, remembering who he was talking to, said, "I meant a year from October." I didn't think it was funny. 

Next up, a meet with a BCB "pal" in Silverton :)

Thank for all your support and comments. I really do appreciate "the love."
Peace out,
mark and bobbie


  1. As always, your photos are great. Just beautiful! I especially love the first house photos. Somebody is putting nice touches to that one.

    On the politics front, Trump may go all the way. He's striking a cord of complete and utter discontent with what is going on with this country. We'll see.

  2. Please obey the Doc. I did not about thirty years ago and a six week healing time turned into nearly nine months. At four weeks I thought I am fine and went at it hard. Made two days before the hammer fell on my actions.

    On the political front, I am a Texan and thought Perry made a very good governor but he will not get my vote for president.

  3. See you in early Oct for a easy hike, pizza and beer!

  4. Nice to see a street view of Ouray. I agree - that VW is to die for.

  5. Ouray is such lovely town. So cute. Good pictures.

  6. Ouray has many beautiful homes, including yours. Hope your recovery is going well.

    Must be nice to sip your Americana coffee from Mouse's and just stroll the streets and visit with neighbors while you recoup. With your interest in politics and growing connection with your neighbors, maybe it's time to run for Mayor? The eye catching orange VW could be your campaign touring vehicle!

  7. That VW is amazing!

    Please, please take it easy so you really heal!

  8. Take it easy. Last time was so gruesome to read about, more gruesome for you. When loading Goldy, don't over do there, either. You live in such a beautiful place, just gorgeous. There are WAY worse places to convalesce.

  9. Beautiful header:) I'm with Lisa! You can relax for a couple months so you really heal. Good you are behaving so far:)

  10. Yep, keep it up conservatives and Hilary will be our next president! Great photos of Ouray--it's a good thing you are behaving but what does "this time" mean??

    1. Surgeries in the past year and 3 months: parathyroid (which took my voice for two months), hernia left side, followed by internal bleeding… which required another surgery, and hernia right side. Now you understand why I'm a little skittish, being more careful, and have become a devout fatalist :)

  11. The header photo is amazing!
    Enjoy your strolls as much as we do. Lovely Ouray is charming!

  12. Great header photo. No time for lunatics like Trump, and I could steal that VW. After all I had a brand new one in 1976 - bus-type.

  13. Yeah, the love affair with The Donald is both scary and a complete mystery. I don't care how dissatisfied we all might be with our political system, he is simply a bloviating buffoon. Remember this is the guy that took the birther issue to ridiculous extremes followed by college transcripts. I can see how he would appeal to the paranoid shut-ins who believed Jade Helm was an attempted takeover of Texas or those that are still waiting for the jackboots to show up at the door and take your guns from you cold dead fingers. But sweet Jeebus people, come on.

    On another note, love the photos. Don't you just get sick of all those postcard photos :)


  14. Mark-- now about that book and movie------------ Just finished reading -- Wild-- Cheryle Strayed-- wow-- have not seen movie-- Minnesota girl- hiked Pacific trail by herself-- much like Nick Sparks-- broke - wrote Message in bottle= movie- opps here is million bucks--- same with her-- your turn!! Walden creek RV


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