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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Alone At The Top

Twin Peaks is a hike that resembles a climb, a favorite of mine ever since the day we met. They stand like sentinels, watching over Lovely Ouray some 2.5 trail-miles and 2000 vertical feet above town. I can't look at them without wishing I was up there, gazing down off boot-tips at our canyon-bound hamlet.

 Bobbie and I tried to summit Twin Peaks three times this summer, and thrice we were turned away. The first couple times was due to deep snow snow that persisted on north facing slopes, and the third was due to unusual heat and a problematic hernia, my second in as many years.

But on this day, we couldn't be denied the "Twins" company.

Hernia surgery Wednesday, followed by some time off to heal. It's a bummer being on injured reserve, but I've battled this "bulge" since January and it will be good to get it fixed before our annual Red Rock Gang meet up in Utah come October. 
Peace out,

I'm always mesmerized by the view from the summit of Twin Peaks

Courthouse Mountain, slightly west of center
Looking north, toward Ridgway, the Uncompahgre Plateau, and Grand Mesa

A pre-summit shot from the ridge below Twin Peaks…  Hayden Mountains and Imogene Pass in the distance.

Almost on top, a view of Corbet and Whitehouse

The final scramble...

The south "Twin," as seen from the north one

In the middle ground is Ouray Overlook at the end of Weehaken Trail… Jim, Gayle, Chris, Bobbie an I stood there 24 hours previous, looking at Twin Peaks. I dangled them as a "must do" hike… 

I zoomed in on The Gang's campsite, Jim/Gayle at the far left, and Debbie and Kim far right.

Potosi, in the "gap"

Below is a Panorama south to north shot that encompasses Ouray, Twin Peaks, and Ridgway. 
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  1. All the best with the op. As always great shots.

  2. Thank you for all of the beautiful postcards I've enjoyed these past few weeks. Here's hoping for a totally uneventful surgical procedure and a rapid recovery.

  3. Great pics! Wishing u a speedy recovery!

  4. You may have thought you were Alone At The Top but we were all there with you. Thanks for a fantastic summer hiking tour; I now have a full 'to do' list.

    Best of health ASAP!

  5. Third time is always the charm!
    Good luck Wednesday!

  6. Fingers crossed that hernia gets fixed for good this time!

    We will be in Ridgeway in early Oct., maybe we'll cross paths if you haven't headed for the red rocks yet!

  7. Much luck on the cure of the bulge. We always appreciate the pictures and stories from my home sstate.

  8. Lovely, lovely.....what else can I say....Best of luck Mark, and a speedy recovery....


  9. Thinking of you tomorrow:)

    Thanks for the gorgeous postcards:)

  10. It's good your having the bulge fixed now. Best to you in your recovery. Love the view from twin peaks and the hike that goes with it.

  11. I can relate as my second hernia surgery was years ago. - we do have a few things in common after all. But I am not stubborn-- my hernia result of various moves of my daughters -- do not hire movers I can move that freezer and fridge- no problem mon!


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