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Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Glorious-Day Hike Up Red Mountain Number Three, Minus Two…

While To Simplify Glenn was breaking a lonely, high altitude camp, somewhere deep in the scary wilderness about 10 "Crow-fly" miles from Red Mountain Pass, The Gang (minus two, plus four) were disembarking a convoy of vehicles in preparation for a road hike to the summit of Red Mountain Three. Climbing to 13,000 feet, on a steeple steep road, on tired legs, in wind gusts enough to make us walk like a bunch of drunken sailors after a night out on the town, wasn't nearly as easy as it sounds.

The "Plus Four" were delightful neighbors David and wife Donna, and their two youngsters, Ally and Austin, who all joined in, even though Donna was still limping from a recent running injury. Jim/Gayle, Debbie, Kim, Chris, Bobbie and I rounded out the group. 

On the heels of a nine mile hike to see Glenn off on his pack trip, my legs were a little sore. Bobbie and Gayle didn't seem to have any problems though. 

Gimpy Donna, bringing up the rear… 

Kimbo,  wondering where all the oxygen went since leaving Alabamy :)

Jim finds his rhythm 

Ally doesn't seem to have any problem with the altitude

The Anderson's Four… 

Obligatory Wildflowers

And yes, that's where we're headed, way up there

Ally and Austin leading the way

Finally, a very windy summit and forever views

Floridian Jim wishes he would have brought gloves and more clothes 

Snack Time

Are you bored yet?


  1. No, no,no...not bored yet! I could look at pictures like these all day (if I can't be there in person anyhow)!

  2. Love the vivid colors in your header photo!

  3. It is refreshing to see that there are still people (like you) doing real hiking preferring not to "explore" the world on stinking ATVs.

  4. Stunning pictures, makes sitting in this office on a Friday very hard.

  5. Gorgeous. Just got back from CO, Cripple Creek, and some driving around, a couple of hikes. Nice to find tour gorgeous blog.

  6. Never a boring second on BCB...


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