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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wandering All Alone In Zion's Outer Perimeters

The Rv Gang enjoyed a great group hike in the Chinle/Coal Pits portion of Zion yesterday; had it all to our lonesome selves. From left to right: Gayle, John, Ellen, Bobbie, Laurelee, Debbie, Suzanne, Jim (or at least half of him), and Lynne. I'm seldom in my photos, so you'll have to go to the individual Gang's blogs to see your's truly. Conspicuously AWOL is Boonie, who refuses to set foot in a National Park, even when assured that there will be no one else around.

This can be a nice loop hike for those who chose to go in on the Chinle and come out at Coal Pits Wash. So we all met up at Coal Pits and left a couple of vehicles to get the "loop group" back to the Chinle Trailhead. For the others it was an Out and Back on the Chinle…turning around after a pleasant picnic near the halfway mileage point of 5 miles. The Loop hike ended up being close to 11 miles, but either way, on such a sunny day, with all the conversation and fellowship, it felt shorter. Bobbie and I hiked this loop last year with Jim and Gayle, and for some reason I was much more tired after that one…tho I am feeling my legs a little this morning. 

The extended forecast is for temps to warm into the 70's, just in time for a group wade up the Virgin River into the Narrows section on thursday. Reader John Q and wife Joalenn will be arriving thursday night; they are flying out for a few hikes with the gang after a visit to Lost Wages, Nevada. Looking forward to that, Joalenn :)) Did you bring a rope???? Kidding, of course…

The group has swelled in numbers this year and it is a double edged sword. While meeting new outdoor type rv'ers like Suzanne, John and Ellen, and Lynne expands the "dynamics" of our forays into Postcards, it can complicate logistics for the person trying to accommodate a broader range of expectations. We have been fortunate and successful by operating under the following premise: Each person only goes as far or into "difficulty" as they feel comfortable.  There are no expectations and no hurt feelings; some will push on, while others can turn around anytime. Considerate pet owners usually cut longer hikes short when hiking without Fido. We always try to hike where the dogs can come along and run free a few times a week…and Virgin is surrounded by BLM lands with dirt roads and trails and washes suitable for that. 

Now for the Slideshow of yesterday's hike...  


  1. Wow, looks like we pet owners missed a gorgeous wash on the second half of the loop-- thanks for sharing the pretty pics. Great meeting you and Bobbie yesterday and I look forward to more hikes with the gang!

  2. I have been taking great vicarious pleasure in your hikes. Great photos.

  3. Great shots! Wonderful to have a group to go with!

  4. "Boonie, who refuses to set foot in a National Park, even when assured that there will be no one else around."

    It may not be people in the National Park that causes Boonie to shun them it may be the Park's dog policy. That is the primary reason for my refusing to go to National Parks, although I don't care to get in line with the masses of people that are checking off their 'bucket list'.

  5. Great asset of a group is lots of options and vehicles. You ALL seem to be having a most spectacular time everyday. You inspire me.


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