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Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Doggie Hike to Hell Hole

Our number fewer, the "Gang" took their "kids" along on our hike into Hell Hole yesterday. Some needed to be hoisted up over obstacles…but the dogs did just fine :))

Jim and Gayle have moved on down the road to the Lake Mead area, and I have it upon good authority that Pal Boonie is "in heaven" way down in another God forsaken Hell Hole that goes by the name of Yuma—a super Walmart sized Big Box blight upon the earth if there ever was one—whose only two redeeming quality's are pleasant weather for three measly months a year and cheap dental work across the border in Mexico. But hey, one man's poison is another man's pleasure…or something like that.

Within a mile it became evident that there had been a severe flash flood(s) since we hiked Hell Hole last year. We encountered more "rubble" which made it a little more difficult to navigate. But no sprained ankles this time (Gayle), just one downhill, head-first crash and burn by Bobbie on the way out. It drew blood but she's fine this morning. In case you haven't noticed her always bloodied legs, Bobbie collects "Red Badges of Courage" like S and H Stamps. Ellen was hiking with a bout of back pain from a tweak the day before, but thought moving was better than sitting and toughed it out without one complaint (Jim!) :)).

It got a little too hot on the way in and most of us (Debbie, Elliot, and me) were ready for the shade of the canyon by the time we arrived.

For an unbelievable video of a previous flash flood in Hell Hole, click this link.


  1. So. Now that I've left the area, you've started having dog-friendly hikes. Geesh.

  2. Glad to see pictures of my girl and my grand babies (Elliot and Rupert) great pictures as usual faithful follower!!

  3. It is amazing how the trails can change from year to year. Poor Bobby! I can feel her pain. I am the one with the scratched legs and destroyed knees and elbows.

  4. (Doing my best Jim imitation) "It's not a hike till Bobbie bleeds!" ;-) So glad she is okay! Fun spot! That reflection shot is just superb!

  5. Hard to believe that water can move those giant boulders.
    It took us three tries to appreciate the Yuma area. You just have to look a little harder.

  6. Love your horizontal slot shot with the jet contrail. Beautiful composition.

    One of these years we've got to meet up with y'all for some waterfall hikes. It will probably be a couple of years since our 6-1/2 week trip that we just completed now means we must work a lot to pay for our next trip. Either that or y'all cna come to Texas and hike here! Now there's an idea.

  7. Wishing I was part of the "gang: this year. I had a job lined up in FL but then the lady decided to sell her tax prep business. Wish she would have let me know before I started heading east earlier this month. Where are you guys headed after Zion?


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