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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Many Pools and Beyond: Part II…Feeding The Inner Caveman

Weather in canyons, over time, expose sedimentary layers formed long, long ago—thousands of millenniums—back when mankind was but a gleam in God's eye. Those colorful bands hold amazing stories to those who know how to speak and read Geology, which, unfortunately, I do not. But one doesn't need to know how things came about in order to appreciate their existence, any more than one needs to know the principles of internal combustion in order to drive a car. I may not be able to grasp the precise science—the geological "handwriting" on the walls, so to speak—of all the slot canyons we clamber through, but I do recognized and appreciate grace and grandeur when I see it, particularly when it's swirled with colors that dazzle the senses... grooved and smoothed and polished by Father Time into a work of art.

If we can just put down our "devices," sit quietly for a moment, and listen to our "inner caveman," our body, mind, and spirit, it will tell us what we need. Physically, we are designed to move; mentally, we are designed to be curious. Just like ET, all our senses need "input." Wandering outdoors allows us to do just that, which, not only completes the "picture," it also helps to complete us as living beings. For our spirit, it adds purpose…something that often goes lacking. 

Our bodies may be running on empty after a day of wandering in the desert, but our souls overflow...sated, completed…at least for a while. Movement, in any practiced and consistent form becomes an addiction (right Suzanne?). And of all the addictions one can choose, this one is not bad for you. You don't have to hurry, don't have to jog, just move…preferably somewhere that challenges and engages…someplace like a slot canyon, or a wash, or a rim. 

Bobbie and I "High Fived" as we came out of the canyon above Many Pools. It was a good feeling to know we made it all the way to the exit point…and to know that it can be traversed and exited by a couple of Geezers. Keep on Truckin' people, just keep on keepin' on. Complete the picture or painting or whatever is incomplete within, for Our "church" is the great outdoors, and every day is the Sabbath :))


  1. I'm starting to think you do it on purpose, that first picture of Bobbie on the trail made me almost fly up out of my chair and start packing my car. Husband and job be damned!

  2. These pictures........they bring us in every time. There are no words. Dancing to the beat of your drummer, you and Bobbi are so lucky to do this and we as your audience are so lucky you share! " Keep on keepin on" for sure! Thanks!

  3. What a great team you two make! I LOVE this hike's photos.

  4. We had already decided that Zion was a "must see" on our first trip south, your posts make it even more so!

  5. Addicted, yes, and this junkie is already wondering where her next "fix" is coming from. Hopefully Many Pools! (Though given the tingling in my ankles, I can't help humming Neil Young's, "The Needle and the Damage Done.") ;-)

  6. Okay, this is way too cool! We need to return and hike further up the canyon to find this slot. This is calling our name! You are right about the addiction. I am really struggling with a day off. I should be out there every day seeing and experiencing something in this beautiful area.


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