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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Scrambling To The Depths of Hidden Canyon With The Gang and Lovely World Travelers, Nina and Chantel

What ever could a lovely young Canadian chef and Swiss nurse have in common with a bunch of old geezers? Not much, really…at their age they could well have been grandchildren. But Jim does not discriminate when it comes to a fairer sex "audience," they were trapped—like mice in a maze—forced to hike and listen to an old fart, and I mean that quite literally :). I was not as much at liberty to flirt amongst the gargantuan boulders in the depths of Hidden Canyon, as Bobbie was still managing to conquer said "boulders," leading our expedition beyond our deepest penetration ever. Gayle and the gang had invoked the "common sense rule" at one particularly difficult (dangerous) choke-stone impasse. Curious Jim would not be denied what lay beyond, nor new ears for his tales.  

At one juncture Jim fell behind, trying an alternate route around yet another impasse. We took that "edgewise" opportunity to enjoy stories from our intrepid gal hiking mates. Wow, they've traveled the world, often solo…Asia, North America, South America, the countries of Europe. Nina had just wandered Columbia and readily picked up the language. Chantel was on break between chef gigs in Canada (one of which was a ranch where she met Nina). They decided to use the downtime to wander the wonders of the west. 

What freedom…save a little money and take off, then work a little and repeat. I envy them. Bobbie and I have yet to make it much beyond the borders of Mexico and Canada. So to listen to a couple of world traveling young gal's adventures got me to second guessing our choices. Maybe we should take a break from the American west, seek what lies beyond our own backyard, take in the hidden treasures that lie in countries whose language we neither speak nor understand? Hmmmm… 

Nina and Chantel are wise beyond their years…stepping out while they are young and single and childless. Life's "straight-jacket" awaits; how long can they keep it up before some handsome guy snares their freedom, and plants a "seed" that grows roots as deep as our Hidden Canyon hideaway? 

Run girls, run as fast and far as you can. Put off Life's straight jacket till the biological clock is on it's last legs in the last hour. Only then will you be able to look yourselves in the eye and say, "I have no regrets."

Thanks to all the gang… it was a great day in the canyons of Zion.


  1. Pretty girls, beautiful adventure.

  2. You got some great shots of the canyon and Jim's "girls". That was such a fun hike. Wish I hadn't chickened out on that last part but at least I redeemed myself by climbing up that peak with Bobbie today!

  3. What a canyon! Maybe I have to brave Zion more in the future instead of insisting on the return to Capitol Reef...more time please. Great shots, Mark! Smart girls. I have some younger friends like that, actually in their 40's, but their world travels always thrill me. Maybe you two could give it a try?!

  4. Been totally enjoying your multi-blogger, multi-RVer trip through Utah. Plus I can never tire of red rock. Particularly like your Black and White creation today.

  5. LOVE that first shot - it speaks volumes.


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