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Monday, October 27, 2014

Bryce On Fire

Greetings! After nearly a month of boondocking bliss in the Capitol Reef area, the RV seekers-of-redrock gang has moved south to set up a new camp on BLM lands near Virgin. Lazy Dazer Laura Lee showed up yesterday (not sure of her Blog's name yet) and Jim and Gayle spotted a couple more L. D. rigs they recognized in our vicinity. Seems the desert is gets a little more crowded every year. I fear it won't be long before Govie steps in and starts legislating (restricting) our bliss if this RV boondocking-for-free craze keeps snowballing, especially since a good many of the campers have ATV's and such things that leave a bigger "footprint." Has the "golden age" peaked? Or am I just being a spoiled brat part-of-the-problem whiner? Time will tell...

Rumor has it that Suzanne is on her way to rejoin the group. She went AWOL to check off a couple things on her bottomless bucket list a week or so ago. We'll get her back in hiking shape ASAP :). In the meantime, our core group took in Bryce Canyon via Tropic…a neat "back door" entrance I found on a map and wanted to try out, see if we could find a little solitude instead of stepping our into a huge parking lot full of tour busses, minivans, and drive-by gawkers, hanging over the rail to snap photos then rush to the next pullout.  

How's this for an entry to a National Park?

Within a mile we were seeing what was in store. Can you spot the broken Hoo Doo leaning over to rest on its neighbor?

In less than two miles, we were smack dab in the middle of million postcards, the sort of colorful geology one doesn't see everyday.

Whew! Need to rest the eyes after that slideshow :)).

The weather was perfect, and most of the tourists were up on the rim doing a drive-by vacation…all-in-all a very nice day to be alive and out and about with RV friends.  Don't forget to check out their blogs for a different angle and more purdy pictures. 

We'll be catching up the the Curmudgeon soon, and have a little more controversy :)


  1. From the looks of these photos, I am working off the wrong bucket list.

  2. We're so glad you found that back way to Bryce. A very good day, indeed!

  3. Love this back door to Bryce! Great photos:) Never tire of those beautiful rocks.

  4. Brilliant shots almost 3D. Its an unique area.

  5. Aw, now I feel bad. My first visit to Bryce this spring I was one of the despised "one day drive and view overlooks" people :-(. With my furkids not being allowed to hike the park with us, we couldn't leave them behind as it was only a day trip down from Torrey and we had no babysitters. Don't even get me started on that, as my dogs are far more well behaved than most children and many adults. Next spring we plan on staying closer so they can chill out in the RV while we play for awhile.

  6. Spectacular!

    We would love to be there too, but we've had our own adventure this fall...over 5,000 miles through Oklahoma, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri; next Arkansas, then back to Texas. Have hit all fall colors at their peak and hiked to many waterfalls. Have also done 10K walks in eight state capitals with one to go in Arkansas.

    1. Fall does redeem the midwest for a month or so. I found Arkansas Ozark Mountains to be stunning in fall…and the weather was agreeable!!! And, found some mountains in Oklahoma I didn't even know existed, also beautiful in fall. Any other time of the year tho, and they can have it all to themselves. The West is hard to beat in my book, but I was raised out here and you know how people like "home."
      thanks T. B. S.

  7. We are looking forward to an Arkansas fall next week...keep watching the color forcasts and it looks like we may make the end of "peak" colors. Can't make it out west yet, but I am sure enjoying all the "purdy postcards"!

  8. Boonie has coffee girl, I have dayday and boopie- true killers of fowl. They try to chase small mammals, but electronic collars and corrective commands alter that behavior. What does Boonie do prevent Coffee girl from tangling g with deer, cows, coyotie etc.

  9. Coffee Girl is a herder, she does not tangle with animals she herds them. She is a well behaved dog which Boonie may have played some small part in making happen.

  10. You all look so relaxed and happy, especially love the B&W.


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