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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Little Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Us Away, But A Million Freaking Mormons? That's Another Story

Jumping ahead to current time: Sun-up, sitting in the car outside a Wi Fi bakery in Torrey, Utah—the most depraved, anorexic bandwidth capital of the world—trying to squeeze out a Postcard Post before moving on to yet another internet/cell phone vacuum known as Kodachrome (as in, "Momma please don't take it away"). Yes, today is moving day (sniff). Exhausted, sore footed, red dirt stains between toes, shoes still wet and muddy from wading the Fremont, the RV Gang is finally parting ways with Capitol Reef, and we do it under a cloud of sweet, sweet, sorrow. I will catch the BCB up eventually, as soon as we catch up with twenty-first century technology again. These Dial-up bandwidths are going to be the death of me, And if you think that's bad, poor Jim is in a comatose state of withdrawal.

Bobbie and I had been trying to temp the gang into making the three hour roundtrip drive to Little Wild Horse and Bell canyons... probably our all time favorite slot canyon hike to date. Take To The Highway Suzanne shows up in camp and she's game, so Jim and Gayle finally cave to the early start, long drive, and even longer day.

It was a friday, and it just so happened to be a holiday friday. School was out state wide for a long weekend, and little did we know how many rug rats would descend upon one of the most remote slot canyons in the world. Now I am determined and committed to write this post without using a single profanity, just so you know. It will be the ultimate test of self control.

I see that this post will need to be broke into two parts. Photos are loading with the recalcitrance of a schoolyard bully, and the story too long and too good to rush. My apologies, but here some photos for part I to hold you over.

Peace out,
Mark and Bobbie...heading for Kodachrome, a little orange nook that glows amongst the foothills of almighty Bryce Canyon. 



  1. Oh, yes, families and vacation!! while I love that the families are together and outside, they don't need to be where I am!!!

    Looks like a gorgeous hike:)

  2. Yay! so sorry for the bandwidth problems, but you know being there was worth it. Little Wildhorse and Bell, now that is a hike I have actually experienced! Although my photos are from the days of film and I don't have a lot of them.

  3. Your pictures are just fantastic! What a terrific hike. I'd read about it on Suzanne's blog and you know how funny she is. Great post but she sure can't top your title! Can wait to hear about it from you. Next time you go on a non holiday without the flock of Mormons, I want to go too. They are trying to take over the country you know.

  4. I love Kodachrome...enjoy!
    We were jam packed here in Moab too...like sardines! Glad that holiday is over...

  5. What fun hiking with The Photographer! Not only do I get to see how the postcards are made, I actually recognize a couple of them. ;-) I had such a great time hiking with you and Bobbie, feeling like a kid again! Thanks for showing me one of your favorite spots. (Love the B&W header, BTW.)

  6. Beautiful hike! We are headed that way in a day or two and would love to hike the canyon.


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