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Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Free" Wi Fi In Torrey, Utah…Gateway To Capital Reef

Sitting in a bakery/sandwich shop in sunny and mild Torrey, Utah, munching on a God-awful-good pumpkin muffin, and sucking down "free" wi-fi (ha ha) at 20 bucks per post. But the yummy in my tummy is worth every cent. Our boondock is down the road about three miles and the "gang's" all here, Wiseone's Susan and Maikel, Jim and Gayle, and Debbie, with lovable dogs Rupert and Elliot, with notable exceptions of Boonie, who assures us he's on his way, somewhere near Green River, and Suzanne... a "reluctant" new recruit to the "gang" that got blindsided by a blown motor in her Tacker Toad. Sadly, it required a trip to Texas to get a new/rebuilt engine installed by her brother, to whom her birthright will now be forever indebted. There may be a few more recruits showing up, time will tell. Let the "games" begin.

Our boondock is pretty good—an informational gift from Susan and Maikel. It's busy, but not as bad as some places around Moab. And so far it has been quiet. Their is a great hike right out of camp that goes up to a bench that overlooks the valley. Red Rock and sun abounds and warms me to the core of my innermost innards. We came off a great hike yesterday; more on that later. For now, just a few words and shots of the genesis of this year's escapades. 
Cheers and Peace Out,
Mark and Bobbie and "The Gang."  


  1. Love, Love the red rocks!!! All right, we may be swinging over there after all. We leave Utah Lake SP tomorrow, Sunday. We are then heading to Great Basin NP, since we are so close, for a few days. From there we have no plans. Since we have friends in Teasdale (Torrey area), you may just see us. It would be great to meet all these people I read about in blogs:)

  2. Looks like a fine place for the gang to gather! Looking forward to your tales...

  3. Mark-- Did you get my RV craigs listing add?- need to sell 34fter! join gypsies!! but moving into Melbourne condo for base camp- walden creek rv steve

  4. Oh I wanna come, I wanna come. We were just there. DARN! You are boondocking near Capitol Reef. SIGH!! Hope that first Lazy Daze isn't parked just off of a wash. No you wouldn't do that. Love your pictures. Sure looks like a horse all right. Ride em' cowgirl. So much fun to see this area I loved again through your lens.

  5. We were wondering where Jim & Gayle were off to. I thought I had read they were meeting you folks. They had stopped by to check out our blog and left a very nice comment. We are new to all this and in the Class of 2016. We hope they received our reply. Please say hello to them. You guys enjoy yourselves. I know the area will be hiked out by the time you are done.
    Ed@ Sunrises and Sunsets

  6. A “reluctant gang member” only because your merciless reputation for being cyborg hikers precedes you. ;-)

    Never has a BCB post “hurt so good.” Oh, the bleeding beauty of all that red!!

    Suzanne…(still in automotive post-op.)

  7. I was in Sand Creek RV Park for a month starting 10 May 2014. There is good coffee to be had at Robbers Roost Bookstore and they may still have the Farmers Market going there on Saturday. If you stop by there tell the barista that the old guy with the big beard and mostly white pit bull looking dog (Patches) says Hello!

    Say Hello to Boonie also when he makes his appearance.

  8. Very Sketchy Internet at our boondock, folks…be patient, please. Had a slot canyon hike yesterday, and a couple couple of "baptisms." A camera died, but the patient is breathing on his own now...

  9. I'm loving your red rock pictures...if you make this trip next year, we are in!

  10. if you were a bit closer to Bryce and actually more in the direction that we are heading to next we would have made the trip to Capital Reef ourselves...


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