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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Exploring Pleasant Creek's Petroglyphs and a Very Cool Slot Canyon… Part I

Susan and Maikel assured us we would enjoy the petroglyphs along Pleasant Creek, and there was a "very cool" slot canyon to explore only four miles downstream. Let's see, four plus four equal eight freaking miles. I was tired as a tuckered out dog after chasing rabbits all day, feet sore as hell from too many hikes too many days in a row trying to keep up with Susan and her Capitol Reef bucket list. But, to semi-quote the lovely Ms Renee Zellweger in "Show Me The Money" (deep heartthrob sigh), she had me at "Hello slot canyon." It was only later, as in too late, as in locking the car and donning backpack too late, that I learned there would be no less than 13 stream crossings. Oh goody, multiple opportunities to pull a "Jim," ruin shoes, phone, camera, and take an unplanned dip in ice water.

But I have as deep a fascination for slot canyons as Suzzane and Nina have for Lighthouses. If they are there, I must go… water be damned (unless it's rain). The petroglyphs were a casual bonus (yawn). Don't get me wrong, I love to find Indian scribbles; I just wish I knew what they meant… what they were trying to say with all those stick figures and squiggly lines. 

We're headed way back of that beyond...

Love the old wooden structures and fences

How many years must go by before "graffiti" goes from defacement to Art??? 2000 years from now old Jed might be as revered as the Indians.

Okay, you tell me what you think is meant by these scribbles...

Bobbie's shoes are still dry

Susan prepares to Leap to dry ground

Suddenly, Pleasant Creek got a lot more "Pleasant," and easier to jump across.
Stay tuned for Part II, and photos of a very cool slot canyon.
Peace out,
Mark, Bobbie and the RV gang…Hanging in Capitol Reef.


  1. I love that picture of Susan preparing to leap to the other side. Did she make it? Was she feet wet or feet dry?

  2. I saw "lighthouse" in the text and you got my attention. Sneaky. Despite the lack of said object, you got yourself some fine art scribbles. I'm not quite as crazy about them as lighthouses, but I totally get the draw.

  3. We're with you on the petroglyphs. After a while it does get a little old. John has decided (because of the placement of some) that they really are graffiti made by Indian juveniles. Make sense when you think about it.

  4. Love the action of the group in this post, from the rock hopping to the petroglyph viewing it makes the landscape come alive to see you guys interacting with it. Jealous, as usual.


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