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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Postcards From The Edge of Autumn on the Eve of Departure

As the Box Canyon Couple tries to squeeze the last strokes of Glory from Ms Autumn's palette, now dusted with snow, the world marches on...except for Govie, that is. There seems to be two types of people in this world, the Talkers, and the Doers. I'm beginning to believe Congress falls in the former group, thinking if they talk to us enough they won't ever have to DO anything. I wish they would talk to each other, make up their minds, and act like adults instead of high schoolers. But enough politics. There is plenty of land to boondock on and explore outside the "pretties;" they can't close the whole west. 

Yesterday's snow added a nice touch to fall colors, so I'm excited about the upcoming batch of Postcards. But first, a few more from the Red Mountain Pass area, before the storm. 

Have a great weekend, everyone. We are counting down the days now...till then, go take a hike and enjoy Ms Autumns palette.


  1. Howdy Mark,
    They're just as great as they were the other times you displayed them... Hope y'all get out before the blizzards start a little farther West...

    Better watch out for the non-essential guvmint employeees, in case they decide to 'walk' pickett lines at the parks...
    Hope y'all have a better 'vacation' than last year and don't have to 'cripple' Goldie home, again...

  2. You must be excited to be hitting the road again! Jim is concerned about Zion in Nov if the govt is still shut down. From what I remember there are many surrounding areas to explore that don't require you to enter the nation park, correct?

  3. Our parks pass expires end of Oct., glad we got full use of it throughout the year. This crap congress is pulling makes me wonder if it's worth buying another one next year... Thank goodness there are many, many awesome trails outside our nat'l parks. Today we encountered a BLM managed park that closed the toilets but not the access to the park...yay!

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  4. Thank God for Ouray and your camera!

  5. Ah....we missed the gold. My brother and his wife are camped at Ridgway this weekend; their first camping trip in snow. Hope you still manage to enjoy the Zion area!


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