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Friday, October 4, 2013

"When The Snow is on The Roses, and Blue Birds Have Flown Away"

Well, there goes a snowplow—blue lights flashing, blade scraping pavement, headed through town and on it's way up Red Mountain, no doubt. 

Yep, it snowed about six inches overnight here in Lovely Ouray; time to expedite The Departure. All the big things on my list have been crossed off, but it's all those little things, things that come to me in the middle of the night and I go, "Oh yeah, I need to do that." And thus, the chain reaction begins, "little things," piling up like SUV's on a Texas freeway after an ice storm. "But Officer, I had it in four wheel drive!"

It doesn't help that Ms Autumn has been at her lovely peak this week...the apex of which is today. The List must wait. Time to grab the camera and get out the door for a hike; as Ed Ames crooned back in the 60's, "The snow is on the roses...the Bluebirds have flown away." A hard freeze comes tonight, and it's all down hill from there.

In the mean time, while Bobbie and I are out playing in the snow and "roses," here are more photos from our Spirit Basin hike up on Red Mountain...

From our deck: Lovely Ouray got it's first snow overnight...


  1. Where you live is so beautiful, Mark. My god.... the view from your deck?! Do you ever run into any scary four legged critters on your hikes?

  2. Oh yeah, definitely time to get out of Dodge!

  3. Time for snowbirds to head south.

  4. So beautiful! Your pictures sure tell a beautiful story...hope to get there next year!

  5. Just enough snow to add to that beautiful fall scenery:) What a magnificent hike! But, yes, time to go!!

  6. Finally- some good photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. More excellent pics, thanks for sharing your experience.

  8. Fall is definitely my favorite season. The contrasting colors in your neck of the woods make for some damn fine photos!

    Metamorphosis Lisa


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