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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Parting Shots From Bisbee, Arizona...

  I can't believe we pulled out of Bisbee's only RV park without meeting the Wheeling It gang. I was in a Blog Fog Funk (it happens...) and hadn't checked in on them, or anyone else for that matter, for a while. Turns out we overlapped in Bisbee... probably a few feet from each other. Oh well... maybe next time. Nina did a terrific two part review of their Bisbee Experience, including some great photos. Have a look by clicking here

A guy can get pretty thirsty after a full day of hiking Bisbee's numerous steep and narrow meandering lanes and alleyways. On our way back to the RV park I caught the unique scent of spent hops. Sure enough, there it was... The Old Bisbee Brewing Company, dead ahead. Maikel and I opted for the Double Hopped IPA... potent, but smooth. This full bodied unfiltered recipe went down easy... a little too easy (Insert Double-Hopped Hiccup Here!).     

Let's just say it's worth the time and expense of a trip to Bisbee just for the O.B.B.C. IPA. In fact, get a growler, the bottle is cool. And be sure to tip the tattooed Bar-Maiden.

Jay Walker! 

One day we biked from the RV park, though Bisbee, to a road that led to the top of Signal Mountain. A real grunt of a grind... as you can see Bisbee in the valley far below.

Then we biked about every street in town. There are a lot of dead ends in Bisbee, so we were forced to take the stairs a few times. We couldn't get up the nerve to ride down... maybe a few years ago, but not now.

One of several Bottle Walls in Funky Bisbee...

That's it! Now, on to Chiricahua... a "rock'in place!
Thanks for tuning into the BCB.


  1. You captured some great shots of what makes Bisbee unique.

    That was a crazy biking undertaking!!

    Enjoy Chiricahua! Amazing rocks there.

  2. Laverne here:

    I really enjoyed my tour of Bisbee, thanks to you! Guess we will have to get there some day....really seems like a neat place to be. Not quite as interesting to me as lovely Ouray....but close.

  3. You can get a good workout on the stairs in that town. When I was in Rico, CO I was camped next to a blogger that I follow, but we didn't realize it til about a week later when we read each others blogs. The sites were set up for privacy, so we didn't really see each other coming and going from the RV's.

  4. So many interesting sites to see there, thanks for brining back memories.

  5. Cheers very much for the mention (much obliged)...and no worries at all about the blog funk. It's darn hard to keep up w/ everyone's blog all the time...I sure know I can't always do it.

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone...
    Love your thoughts always :)


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