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Monday, March 25, 2013

Big Brother and the Holding Company In Ramsey Canyon

Agave masts seem more abundant here in the Sonoran Desert this year. They stand out almost forest like in knee deep grasslands around Sonoita. The agave is made up a rosette of succulent spear tipped wedges, its name derived from a Queen Agave that existed within the realm of Greek Mythology. When proper age intersects proper conditions, a fast growing mast sprouts from the center. It's similar to birthing a child, in that all of the plant's store of energy is spent pushing the seed mast, up, up, up, into a striking tower of reproductive pods. Unfortunately, the agave always dies in "childbirth." 

The "Holding Company" was fortunate to land the last two available spots in Ramsey Canyon RV park. It's a pleasant wooded campground in the Huachuca Mountains near Sierra Vista... a mix of permanent and come and go rigs, and only a half mile walk up-canyon to a Nature Conservancy Preserve (which, FYI, is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which explains why we were able to get those two sites). (sigh). 

But, as the Wiseone's say, "Never let "facts" get in the way of a good story," to which I added, "nor rules stand in the way of a good hike." So we hopped the "Closed" gate, ignored the sign, and had the whole canyon... colorful birds, babbling brook, scampering critters, meandering path and all... to ourselves. 

We continued hiking above the canyon proper to a ridge line of views. Big Brother's Border Balloon seemed to be following us... always hanging overhead no matter where or how far we hiked. It could have been an optical  illusion because it was tethered, after all. Back at camp it floated directly over the campground; I knew that little blimp had cameras on board and suggested we all put tin foil in our skylights for privacy... especially in the bathrooms. You never know, what with Drones being used to spy on U. S. citizens nowadays.

After Ramsey Canyon we moved on toward Chiricahau, stopping along the way at White Water Draw to check on waterfowl. Not too many cranes like the last time we were here (they totally eclipsed the sun that day). A few long distance shots... nothing to brag about.  

Here are a few cranes... above and below.

Ordinary ducks and geese...

In the rafters were a couple of barn owls.

Finally, Chiricahua's campground and a rendezvous with the Wiseones. It's not a park for the big rigs, but Goldie fit just fine in one site. Lots of shade, too.

Something's not "right" in one of the photos on this post. Can you spot it?

Next up, hiking the boulders in Chiricahua. 
Peace out, 
mark and bobbie.


  1. Even the owls know to keep an eye on you.... no worries though, I'm sending bail money!!

  2. Not sure about the ordinary ducks and geese pic?

  3. Answer to quiz: the license plate on the Subaru. What's up with the "holding company" - have you Incorporated yourself?

  4. Is that a new Sue Bee? I also wanted to let you know that I consider this blog to be a fine work of art (both in your photographs and prose), that a lot of people enjoy. While reading your post from a few days ago I noticed I was holding a cup of coffee in a shaking hand. Where will I get my next "fix"? You can't get product like this just anywhere.

  5. Quiz:they are Great Horned owls vs. barn owls.

  6. WHO ever identified the owl species is in error I believe... that one looks like a Great Horned Owl to me! Or maybe a drone...

  7. That looks like my kinda campground! Very pretty. Intimate, but in a good way.

    The Ducks recently posted a link on one of the Yahoo groups to a site that had dozens of documentaries. One of them was the last 24 hours in the life of Janis. They interviewed several members of Big Brother and the Holding Company. Interesting...

  8. That's a cozy little campground your in. I remember it well when Kelly & I hiked from there up into the Cochise Stronghold. By the time we got back down the trail to our car I had to take my tight hiking shoes off & drive back to the Ranch in bare feet. That Ramsey Canyon is a neat place as well with some of it's old buildings & history. Wondered if you climbed up 'Hamburger Hill' to the top. That one had us puffing for sure.

  9. Klb Explorer,
    Send a bale of bail money :))

    Geo and Suz,
    Nope, that's not it...

    Ok, you're very close...
    and re: Big Brother and the Holding Company... Just a play on words with Janis Joplin's band of the same name and Big Brother as in Government keeping an eye on us :)

    You are correct!!! A new Sue Bee, but Bobbie named this one Minnie Pearl... Pearl for her color !
    Now as for the shaking hand... was that your third or forth cup of coffee? on just desire to throw off the chains... grab your camper and get going...
    I understand, my friend, I understand. Hang on to the dream and live vicariously, you time will come. And when it does, stop by Lovely Ouray and I'll buy you a beer. Thanks for your kind words regarding the BCB... I appreciate them :))

    It was unintentional, but there were two photos with problems and you caught it... sort of.
    They were Great Horned Owls, but they were in a "barn." So I called them Barn Owls. Bobbie pointed out my error but I didn't thing anyone would notice. Guess I underestimated you and Meow Momma :))

    John and Pam,
    Thanks... I'm loving your hikes!

    Meow Momma,
    As I told Gumo... you caught me! good eye!!!

    What a white hot light Janis was... hard to picture her now if she would have made through. Thanks, I'd like to see that documentary.

    Bayfield Al,
    Both Ramsey and Chiricahua campgrounds had a great feel... I didn't get up Hamburger Hill, tho... we hiked the trail at the end of Ramsey Canyon, a lot of steps there too.
    Thanks for commenting everyone,


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