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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chiricahua On The Rocks...Stirred, But Not Shaken

It was a harsh-shadowed, edgy-light day, with nary a cloud soften Blue John skies...nor contrast, harder than concrete. I was almost tempted to put the Canon on Black and White and leave it there for the entire hike through "the land of standing up rocks." But then you wouldn't notice the green sheen of lichen that pervades the surface of these magnificent boulders. Today's photos are more about shapes and sizes and far views...Pass the "milk."

As in many, if not most, of National Parks and Monuments throughout the west, we owe a debt of gratitude to the Civilian Conservation Corp for their hardy efforts to make special places like Chiricahua's incredible boulder's accessible for enjoyment. As we hiked serpentine trails, weaving through a maze of monoliths, the immensity of the task handed off to the CCC's was obvious. Maikel an I took note of the height of retaining walls in some places and just shook our heads...enormous rocks carefully and precisely stacked and backfilled just so we could walk a path instead of repel. 

The area of Arizona where Chiricahua is located is about as remote and unpopulated as you will find anywhere. When one does stumble upon a "town," it's often more of a crossroads with a gas pump, small grocery, and Ranch Supply. I don't know what crop they can coax from the ground in this hot and arid place, but grass grows knee-high and cows seem to be able to live on it. It is the remoteness of Chiricahua that attracted me. Throw in a rock garden of improbably balanced boulders and you had me at "Hello."

Take note of the difference in tan between Bobbie's and Maikel's legs (snicker).

More "On The Rocks" to come...and stay tuned for some closeups of a Coati!!! 


  1. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place. -Maikel

  2. Beautiful and inspiring. Kind reminds me of Big Bend. The weather seems ideal. Wish I were there. Thanks

  3. As I've travelled around the west I've been amazed at the CCC efforts. Hardy folk who created all that easy access for us. Lovely pics as usual!

  4. Would be great to resurrect the CCC. They sure provided great trails through these massive rock people.

  5. Wonderful place! Love all the lichen coloring the rocks. Adds a nice touch, as well as, a reminder of the great air quality!

    Beautiful photos!

  6. No wonder Cochise had a stronghold in the Chiricahuas. Those serious barriers to access if a body does not want to be found!

  7. We miss the Chiricahuas & the great hiking trails there. Some great Jeep roads through the montains as well. Lots of Indian history across the Sulphur Springs valley too in the Dragoon Mountains. Council Rocks is a hard find but worth the effort. Johnny Ringo's grave site is another hard find on the south side of the Ciricahuas. Enough history in that whole area to keep a fella busy for a very long while.


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