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Sunday, January 13, 2013

On The Horns Of A Dilemma: "Baby It's Cold Outside"

Sunday, 10:04 AM: I'm supposed to be at the Ouray Ice Park right now... suiting up for a first-climb with Marathon Man Leonard and Rebecca. But it's breezy... cloudy, spitting snow... and the temperature hovers just above zero degrees. I question the fun... sanity... of fulfilling a promise made to "show up" in weather colder than my Haagen Dazs. Wouldn't you agree, the Ice Fest should be held during summer when it's warmer.

So here are the choices I'm faced with: One, suck it up and go to the Ice Park and "just do it." Two, stay put by the fire and watch football. Or three, go to the HoT SpringS PooL and soak in 105 degree mineral water. Anybody have a three-sided coin?

I need something physical to show for this day; my pants feel too tight around the waist and that bothers me almost as much as the Man-Boobs I'm peering over to write this post. I have an exercise bike in the spare bedroom, but it has succumbed to the fate of being used for a clothes hanger, not unlike its predecessor Nordic Track Ski Machine. 

On the positive side, I finished this month's article for my column in the "award winning" Ouray County Plaindealer... a full day ahead of deadline not counting the weeks extension I requested last Monday. That's how you get a glass "half-full" out of a half-empty glass... slight of hand and rule-bending... whatever it takes to make one love one's self. That, and the fact that the Plaindealer won an award in spite of my column. 

But those indirect accolades do not solve my trifecta horned dilemma, "cause baby it's cold outside." Even Bobbie is procrastinating, doing laundry, cleaning house... pretending like she has "indoor work" to do. Ha, like I don't know what she's up to. And she has the gall to keep asking me, "Are you going to the Ice Park or aren't you?" Such pressure! So I ask her, "How many times are your going to wash my under-ware today?" Not out loud, mind you, but you get my point.

Here's what it looked like at last year's Ice Fest...

Different story this year...


  1. I think I would vote for football. Nice pics.... I could live on the Pics from previous years and call it a great day! All I can say is brrrrrrrr

  2. Wow! how things have changed. 20 yrs ago when we went to Ouray to ice climb, we would rarely see another climbing group all week. But these days, I'd probably vote for the hot springs or football (only if the Broncos were playing).

  3. Well, based on the photos it looks like you already went. Now make a cup of hot chocolate and watch the movie "Touching the Void" and be glad you're not doing his type of ice climbing.

  4. Choosing a few words from each side of that coin I think I would prefer to just, 'suck ice, park myself by the fire & watch some 105mineral water at the HoT SpringS Pool:))

  5. See ya' at the hot springs pool when you need to thaw out from this crazy looking sport. Just don't cool down the water, OK.

  6. Oh, brr! Now there's an extreme sport. Does anyone ever get nailed by one of those nasty-looking icicles

    I opt for the HOT SPRINGS POOL. (But then, I'm allergic to cold...for real!)

  7. I think the hot springs would be much more fun, myself.

  8. Laverne says: Stay home, watch football, or go to the springs and warm up, because....I don't want any interruption in those great photo's and blogs you send out...OK! Even in my younger days, I would not have attempted to ice climb! Stay warm!

  9. Brrrrr...Is that you and Bobbie in the pic?

  10. K Explorer,
    I agree... it's just too cold to have fun.

    Indeed, Lovely Ouray is now an Ice Climbing Destination. Climbers from all over the world. Ice Climbing... along with the Hot Springs... has put Ouray on the map during winter. It was, of course, already on the map during summertime. :)) Thanks for your perspective... Can't stop growth in pretty places... a double edged sword :) :(

    Spotted Dog,
    Those photos were from Friday... a much warmer (18 degrees) day. Shoulda went climbing then, as it got colder. Thanks for checking in... I hope you are warm in your new/used classic trailer, if you got it.

    Bayfield Al,
    Ha! Good play. I like it :))

    People do cool down the 105 degree water you know... they are like pop cycles at 98.6. I always had to go crank up the hot water when we were busy. thanks.

    Travel Bug,
    You mention a good point... yes, falling ice is a hazard, and the last thing you want to do as a climb is nail the person who's belaying you down below. "HEADS UP!"

    It would be safer and warmer... but I could post photos from the hospital too :))

    No... those were photos from Friday when Leonard and I were scouting things out and working on our nerve :)) thanks, maybe someday... or NOT!


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