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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little Big Horn Sheep In The Valley of Fire

This post come to you from an internet vacuum... a desert wasteland deserted of cellular bars and bandwidth, and herbage, too, excepting Creosote Bush. How Creosote manages to grow in the lava rock and sand out here I'll never know, but it proves there is a place in this world for everything and everyone. You just gotta keep look'in till ya find it. I might as well get use to the shit-teh cell and wi fi service given the backwater places we end up in.

Today is the last day of January, I think (wow, what a deep pleasure it is to loose track of time). That should tell you we are in realtime here, if I can just squeeze this post through my one half bar of Verizon. 

We are boon-docked amongst colorful lava rocked foothills of mountains, remote from civilization to the point of being invisible to Fed agencies like the IRS and FBI (not that we have anything to hide). And, we are camped only a stones throw from Cowboy Brian and Ms Heidi at their secret boon-dock (not that they have anything to hide). I wonder how an impatient type like Cowboy manages to post his blog in this Cellular environment without blowing a vein in his head... must be the "far country" working its magic out here on what looks like a Martian frontier. That, and he can't get a daily gush of bad news from a signal-less TV set. It is red planet like, the piece of land they occupy. But it's free of charge, obligation, and political balderdash, which suits them fine. Out here, one person is a "majority," and can do pretty much what pleases.

We whiled away yesterday afternoon, facing a low-arcing winter sun with our semicircle of wide-body chairs; me, all decked out in shorts, t-shirt and goose bumps; them, in long pants, coats and un-chattering teeth. It's surprising how little breeze it takes to drop 60 wonderful sunny degrees to a freaking chill-factor of 39. But I'm in Arizona, by Gawd, so I'm wearing shorts, even if this nasty spell of "global warming" freezes me to death.

Blogs. We talked about our blogs, and the fine art of repackaging the "S. O. S." longterm... from places we've already been and shared. How does one avoid re-hashed browns and bring something fresh and new enough to be worthy of a reader's time. We honored and appreciated all of you who come along on our "rides." Speaking for myself, I am occasionally dumbfounded that you come back to my "trough." Even though CowBoy Brian and I have many readers in common, we come from different "denominations." Sure, we're both "christians," so to speak, but  one is a "Baptist," and the other is an Assembly of God/ Unitarian/Catholic. It's a hybrid offshoot, evolved from my childhood confusion at being brought up in a overzealous, religiously dysfunctional family, and the propaganda I was force-fed by know-it-all college professors in Hick-Town, Missouri.

Brian makes most of his "living" from his "pen," so his "art" comes with a yoke of "pressure." Mine, fortunately, isn't a matter of "life and death," so I can afford to piss some people off and still have groceries. Brian tells me his income has dropped (near half) even though his viewer numbers are better than ever.  He thinks it's due to a mass transition to smart phones and tablets that have yet to decide how and where an ad should be placed on small screens... if at all. 

I think sometimes people are in a hurry, and forget to help a blogger out by clicking on an ad that interests them. No, he did not ask me to say this; in fact, he'll probably cut my throat for bringing it up next time we cross paths. But I just wanted to make the argument that if you enjoy a "blog," and want it to stay around for your "entertainment," then you need to support it by "clicking" some ads. My "payment" is all the comments that come from people I don't even know, saying how much they appreciate the daily drivel and photos. Some can't get out and about like they use to, but they still hunger to know, "what's way back in there?" 
Just a couple of diehards refusing to die... doing their thing... righting a little piece of a screwed up world.
Have a great day!!!
Peace out.

Photos and posts will be hit and miss. Please check back once in a while and make sure we eventually get out of the Boonies. 


  1. The bighorn sheep photos and your writing fall into the outstanding category.

    How long should we give you to post again before we call in the troops?

  2. Great pics of the bighorn sheep. They almost look like marble statues. After hanging out with Cowboy Brian, you I'm sure I could here the twang in your voice. You all come back now ya here?

  3. In this link, there is a picture of the mine in Ouray, could the one mine you visited a couple of blogs ago:

  4. Want me to send you my neck-brace from my busted neck 10yrs ago? Maybe deflect the Cowpoker's blade..
    Not sure I want to see anymore photos of 1000# critters for awhile.
    Taking my 14yr old Chevy, dentless in for a new Silverado last week.
    Stupid critter jumped right out in front of me and Buster...Dam!!Deerski!!

  5. Guess sometimes it's worth it to trade a pretty view for internet. Maybe a Wilson would help.

    Don't know how much I'll be online either from South Africa. Enjoy the rest of the southwest winter.

  6. We don't want to lose you two, so we will keep an eye out for you, we want to keep getting your blogs, photo's, etc...Laverne

  7. Excellent pictures and usually to wilderness is worth the sacrifice, enjoy.

  8. Travel Bug,
    You are too kind :)
    and give us up to a week... then call the Border Patrol. We can spit into Mexico from where we are camped. YIKES!

    klb explores
    The sun was low and against those dark red rocks the Big Horns popped like marble. Almost hurts your eyes, but you take photos where you get them... sometimes under duress.
    And I do pick up the CowBoy vernacular after hanging with Brian :)) He's got it down, eh? Thanks

    Photo link Anon,
    Man (or Wo-Man), those were some fantastic photos!!! Thanks for sending the link. The mine shown was Camp Bird... which is not the one we snowshoed to recently, but it is just a few miles from our house in Lovely Ouray. The Mill has mostly collapsed now... or maybe disassembled. At any rate, it's gone. The "Peach Harvest" photo is up valley from Ouray in Delta. But truly, those are exquisite photos from troubled time/innocent time... and they speak volumes. I just wanted to climb into each one, and have a look around. Thank You!!!

    Up River,
    Oh, too bad... Don't you hate it when that happens on a cream puff car? I've only hit one deer since moving to Colorado... they do love to jump out in front of you!! Thanks.

    I finally drug the Wilson out and it seems to help enough to get connected, but photo uploads are tough. There will be fewer till we get out of here.
    Good Luck on your African Safari.... Try to post as much as you can!!!! Thanks.

    Thanks "Mom." We'll be careful :)

    Geo and Suz,
    It's no sacrifice to get lost... just annoying to not have my connection. I know, what a hypocrite :))

  9. impatient Cowboy? Me? I ain't impatient! I'm just... uh... Quick! ;)

    and I won't cut ya none... maybe a shoein' hammer up side the head a time or two... but no knife ;)

    Yeah... when the ee-lek-trawniks don't work... I've learned to either look up from the keyboard and out the window... at those mountains so far away with nuthin' but far country between, and it don't feel so bad.

    ...or sometimes I even put my boots on and go outside! ;)

    As much as we are dependent on "writing income"... I feel like I'm dishonoring That, if I let myself get TOO hung up on "Signal".

    It can be a lil' spooky, to turn away for a day or two... knowing how important it is for the survival of our "way"... but knowing that our way can be just as easily destroyed by getting infected with an all consuming slavish addiction to tek-naw-luh-gee! It keeps it all in Lloyds "Balance" :)

    But then... I end up lookin' like a drunken amputee trying to walk a buttered tight rope... my balance ain't real good! :)

  10. Love that first shot of the bighorn sheep...I wanted to reach in, grab 'em up and tuck 'em in my pocket for the day. It is currently 0 degrees here with a -18 wind chill, so you can bask in that knowledge when the wind picks up out there tonight and it will make it feel a little warmer!

  11. Mark, please email me when you get this:

    chinlemiller at gmail dot com

  12. Excellent shot of those big horn sheep! And as for blogging I have no doubt you have many dedicated followers...and likely a few lurkers. Those of us still here sure appreciate your musings.

  13. CowBoy Brian,
    Go easy on me... I mean well :))
    Your writing improves... keep it up, brother.

    Pam and Wayne,
    Hi guys!
    Bighorn are cool... but not cuddly :))
    Your weather is too cold. You have our deepest sympathy :(( Thanks!

    Spotted Dog,
    Done! Check your mail...

    Thanks... The lurkers are a mystery. What are they hiding? :))
    Thank you so much,

  14. lurkin. and hidin.

  15. Nothing better than that feeling of alone while boondocking. It is worth the lack of modern conveniences for awhile. Can't wait for pictures from your site.

    Love the Bighorn Sheep. Always fun to discover.


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