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Friday, January 11, 2013

Awful, Just Awful

I see no purpose in wind. Rain, snow; I "get" that, we need water. I even get cold; it hardens The Crevice against the evils of summer bugs and rattlesnakes, not to mention it makes you appreciate, make that, worship, Summer like the goddess she is.  

Maybe if energy was wind-dependant it would help. Then I could rejoice and indulge in all the "free" surplus. Today, I'd go around and plug stuff in... heaters, to warm my bones, and lights to brighten this gloomy, windy day. You probably guessed; our stretch of calm sunny days and gentle temperatures have come to a screeching halt.

Wind is an awful thing, especially when the bottom falls out of the old window thermometer. Currently, it reads a "balmy" 10 degrees, but a quick step out onto the deck reveals that it's really 20 below zero, according to my body... which is more accurate than mercury any old day.  Add a stinging horizontal ground blizzard and, voila, you have a perfect recipe for being quarantined indoors, chained to the armchair, and disgruntled to the point of being "snippy" with the only person in the whole wide world who can tolerate your ass. Will someone please give me a purpose for wind!

Evidently, I wasn't "disgruntled" enough; I just had to bring up the weather forecast. Awful, just awful. Insult to injury, the deep freeze is plunging south... all the way to my "happy places," which might have us postponing our Snowbird Escape to Arizona. Poor Goldie, she's going to be so pissed for leaving her to die in Saint George. It has been single digit lows there with 20's for highs! We might as well have brought her home. Not much golf getting played in St. Geo this winter. 

So excuse my whining. At least I am indoors by a good fire. Feet are warm, and the house is not rockin' in the wind like some of the RV's out there. If you are in Quartzsite, you have my deepest sympathy (sign of the cross), for the only thing worse than being trapped in one's house in the wind is being trapped in an RV in the wind. We will see if Monday's departure gets pushed back a few days. Looks like I was a tad premature on that Blog Header photo, eh?

Now let's finish up Red Mountain Town.

A "snow-snake" clings like a boa constrictor to the eves of an old mine shack

Room with a view...

Cubby holes, shadows and light

Picture window

Snow on slats

Black and white Bobbie

Bobbie and Aspen...

Oblique Frame

Total collapse 

Someone used to live there

Animal Motel

Time bends all things

A better view awaits trusting souls

Standing on the edge, at the top of a "run," snow fractures behind me and "gives" a little. Yikes.

Yankee Girl... not as straight as she once was, but still standing

Tamara, Aspen and Bobbie

Aspen the Snow Dog

A Mine Shack I could live in... just a mile out of Red Mountain Town.
Always did prefer to live "out of town."

Just needs a little fixing up


Upstairs bedrooms

Good views

Outbuildings, too!


  1. Fellow Wanderer I guess it could be worse! Stinging wind, snow, being cooped up and ready and raring to go only to realize there is no where to go to escape the cold (for the time being). Bowie just came to mind:)
    (turn and face the strain)
    Don't want to be a richer man
    (turn and face the strain)
    Just gonna have to be a different man
    Time may change me
    But I can't trace time

  2. Right now it's calm and sunny, albeit a bit chilly, in your favorite region of Arizona, Yuma.

    Go Broncos! Go Peyton!

  3. hey now mark, bet ya keeping snug with bobby!!.dang that cold,if it made you feel better it was 32 this morning in sun city california,that to cold for me. was going to the rtr in the big q. but the weather there is cold an windy think i will wait it out at home. fellow travler gary

  4. The animal hotel looks snuggy. This cold shit can't last forever. Can it?

  5. Love the snow pics.

    We knew there had to be some point at which you would be unhappy in Ouray! It was 80, humid and partly cloudy here in Mission today, but another cold front is on the way.

    Wish Bobbie a belated Happy Birthday from us.

  6. I could give you lots of reasons this world we live in needs the wind, but I don't think that would surfice your needs.
    So, I'll just say we need the wind so we can appreciate what is, when the wind isn't, to a much greater degree. You will recall that you were raving about how good it was out there earlier, now honestly, do you think you'd love it as much if you didnt' know what so called bad weather is?

  7. WARNING!!!!!
    Goldie was hurt, now she's pissed. She told my "Lucy" she has filed a formal complaint with the Abused Motorhomes Assoc. Better cover your tracks!!! Hideout in the Critter Motel...

  8. Now you know why I don't want to spend any more winters in Chicago -"The Windy City". I thought that St. George had a warmer winter temp than what you are saying, thought it was a big retirement community. Maybe you need to try Texas some winter. Maybe some wind surfing in the Gulf.

  9. Oh, I Love that photo that says Good views !! I like to take photos like that too , with a natural frame of some sort.

  10. Walden Creek RV steveJanuary 12, 2013 at 7:29 AM

    Thought I was reading wrong blog!! The singing praises has stopped!! BUT I know the love will return! 80degrees here- dinner on Coaoa Beach pier last night-- great music- way to much wine and beer-(celebrating friends birthday so not my fault!!)now relax by pool and cheer Packers on to Super Bowl- I think there might be another game on today((????!??) take care

  11. Awesome pictures, We really enjoy the views from here. Keep warm!

  12. Scamps,
    I know "cold" is relative... and that being cooped up is not your idea of "fun."
    "Cha ch ch Changes" are on the way, I'm told by the weatherman... and so, too, are we :))))
    thanks, and hope to see you guys soon.

    Funny, we were posting comments on each other's blog at the same time :)) You will get the least cold in Yuma, but doubt you'll escape the wind. Good luck with that cause I know you'd rather be out on your bike with the octogenarians... kickin' ass :))
    and yes, go Broncos!

    Gary G.
    The Q. can be windy... we didn't enjoy or month there because of incessant winds one January. It's even cold in San Diego... you can run but you can't hide.

    I hope you are right... Heading your way soon! thanks.

    Jim and Gayle,
    thanks... I can take the cold, but struggle with wind, no matter the temps. Big feet of clay here.

    Bob The Bum,
    Love the name BTW...
    Your point is well taken (ouch). Like I said, "feet of clay." I wax hypocritical some days. The worst makes us appreciate... celebrate, even, average. :) thanks for reminding me.

    Up River,
    Do I need a Lawyer? :)

    I was stationed just north of The Windy City at the Great Lakes Naval Station... went to boot camp in January... caught pneumonia... felt like i was going to freeze to death... so I have bad memories about that place. Texas... hummm. We like Big Bend area... Padre Island, for a week or two, but my heart is in Arizona since I was raised there. You know how that Sonoran Desert gets in your blood... during winter, that is :). Thanks, Teri.

    Walden Steve,
    Rub it in, rub it in...
    But you have not one single mountain to go with your warm weather :) Ha! Good luck, see ya in the super bowl.

    Geo and Suz,
    Snow and cold from a distance... you are welcome :))
    thanks, mark.

  13. You know I used to think wind was rather romantic UNTIL I spent a spring in New Mexico getting battered around by near-constant blasts. Now, I agree w/ you!

  14. OK... The wind in your case... is pushing south, which'll make it a tail wind cutting your fuel bill! :)

    as for the cold in Quartzsite, the worst is past from my weatherman. It's been pretty cool at night; in the just below 32 twenties ;) but this coming week it's supposed to keep on climbing during the day to the nigh on to and into the 70's.

    Right now the sun is bright and cheery...

    No reason to wait! 'cause even when it isn't calm... the breeze is no big deal for a guy that goes snow shoeing in SHORTS!!! :)

    another plus is that the "Traffic" is really down this year. The guy at the BLM station for Plomosa road says 30% of "Normal"...No real crowds! and likely a greater willingness to swing a "Deal" for solar systems for shopping boondockers? :)

  15. Nina,
    It seems the "thorn" on the four corner state "rose" is wind... and the occasional drooping jet stream. I think bloggers should be "honest" and not paint a "rosy" picture that it's all freedom and high living and sunshine. I think you do that occasionally :))
    Thank you for commenting... :)

    CowBoy Brian,
    Is there a guarantee that goes with that forecast? Is so, you might see us pulling in before long :))

  16. uh yup! I Guarrantee... that there will be ... weather! :))


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