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Friday, December 14, 2012


I'm watching the leading edge of this storm drift into The Crevice as I type. It looks as innocuous as a lamb from my Lazy Boy swivel-rocker-recliner, which seems to have grown roots between our gas fireplace and Imax size sliding glass door to the deck. Tiny flakes are swirling more than landing. I'm hoping for some "silver dollar" flakes, as they are my favorite.

Looks like the "punch" will drop 18 inches of snow all around and above Lovely Ouray, and 8 to 10 inches in town. Let's see... camera; check. Snowshoes; check. Gloves, hat, mittens and boots; check. Bring it!

I'll take a walk to our Victorian downtown when things get serious... maybe drop by Mouse's Chocolates for a cup of their Peruvian Best and a Scrap Cookie. Just a little photo safari in order to bring some nonalcoholic Christmas cheer to readers, something to put you in the holiday spirit. 

Who knows, maybe we'll head up Red Mountain in Sue Bee at the height of the blizzard (behind a snowplow, of course) and make a video. I realize most of you hate snow... that's why you are where you are, which is southern California, Arizona, Florida and Texas. For those readers up north and in Canada who await retirement and their turn at an RV life, this post will be of no interest.

Let's give it a couple hours and then go see what trouble the Mrs and I can get into :))

Wonder if it's snowing in Moab?


  1. Love the raccoon sketch! Couldn't help LOL upon seeing you with that shovel in hand. We awoke to snow in the Catalina's - but only an inch or so! Stay warm! -scamp

  2. Snow blanketing Ouray? What's not to like? Snowy mountains make for breathtaking beauty and no bugs to bug you.

  3. Looking out my windows..My snow is deeper than yours...
    All my bird friends were waiting for breakfast...
    Wish I had the hot springs..

  4. I look forward to your snow photos, but not here please. We're suppose to get some over night.

    Nice art.

  5. Nope- not snowing in Moab, at least not yet (as of Fri. eve), though we got some rain. It was warm and kind of pretty with the potholes full. Nice hiking.

    Nice photos - they make me feel fortunate to not be in Colorado. Spent way too many winters over there in the snow. :)

  6. Mark, I've been "lurking" (and living vicariously through) on your blog for a couple of months now and have finally been moved to comment. While your pics of Zion have been stunning, Ouray is my favorite place on Earth, so much so that we tied the knot at Oh! Point just below Engineer, and seeing it blanketed in snow touchs my soul. So thank you for your wonderful writing and pictures, they serve as inspiration to my wife and I as we struggle on our treadmills in Chicago.
    I'm off to order a dozen scrap cookies from Mouses. If you happen to see Officer Rilling on your stolls through town tell him Eric and Carrie Ann say "Hi". Cheers!

  7. Scamper,
    thanks... :)
    Bobbie is the official "shoveler" since my back surgery... :)

    The altitude is partially responsible for the "breathtaking." :) Between that and the "beauty," we are Breathless in Lovely Ouray." thanks for commenting...

    Up River,
    You need a hot tub, my friend.
    Now get out there and feed your avian friends :))

    Time to move closer to Phoenix???? Your house has wheels, you know :)) thanks!

    Spotted Dog,
    I love the potholes around Moab... till they get ice on them. I'll keep you "posted" on the weather around your old stomping grounds, so you can rejoice in relative warmth :)) thanks!

    Eric and Carrie Ann,
    First, let me express my appreciation for you coming out of "Lurkdom." I have far, far more lurkers than commenters, and I sometimes wonder about the "how" and "why" of people who continue to read and maintain their silence. Obviously they find something here that keeps them coming back, they must have an opinion on something... why not throw a comment in the "tip jar" once in once in a while? Hey, I'm "waiting tables" here!!! :)

    So thank you for coming out and your kind words. The BCB will keep you appraised of Lovely Ouray and it's surrounding area, and, hopefully, continue to "touch your soul" and "inspire" (wow).
    I hope your "treadmills" can someday become a ticket to your dream-life, be it here, or somewhere else. Enjoy your Scrap Cookies... and if you ever get back here be sure to look us up.


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