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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Basking In The After-Glut Of Christmas

Uh, I guess Santa shaved this year; what can I say, at least he showed up. 

Just got in from a glorious Christmas with family in Golden. Roads were clear, but it's starting to snow as I post this... tonight, tomorrow, and the next day! Arizona is starting to sound pretty good :))

Now a quick catch up. Friday night, before our pre-dawn departure for Christmas in Golden with the Fam, "Santa" came up for a turkey dinner with all the fixings... including Bobbie's world famous pumpkin pie. We had some wine, then stuffed ourselves pretty good, Leonard and me. I didn't know it was a costume party, so I was in my normal Christmas duds.

We toasted as many things as we could think of, got a little silly, then dug into the food to sober up :)) Thank you Bobbie, twas very good!

Then on to Golden for Christmas with Nephew Brent and Fam, and my son, Caleb... who flew in.

Maia servered chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast! Very good, too.

We took a long walk every day cause we knew there was going to be some serious eating going on... and beer drinking (hic). Clear Creek runs through downtown Golden, and it has been strategically  "rearranged" for kayaking. They bike/pedestrian path follows Clear Creek a few miles. Lots of parks and recreation amenities in Golden. Son Caleb sits next to Bobbie.

Maia got a new bike!

We were treated to a play, "Greetings." Wonderful, wonderful acting and, believe it or not, a plot revolving around belief "something" greater than ourselves. Sound familiar? The above photo was taken in the lobby. Notice IPA in Brent's hand... they actually encourage indulging before, during, and after the play!

Shhhh! The play is about to begin...

Brent, Anita and Caleb... and some blonde girl who didn't appreciate her picture being taken...

We went our after the play... Margaritas; need I say more?

Pre Christmas quiet time

Then the "show" begins...

Woke up to 5 inches of new snow Christmas morning!

The puzzle from hell, courtesy of Caleb :)

Bobbie gave one of her paintings to MOAB for Christmas (above),
and below, Brent and I show off our gifts from brother/nephew Darin (and Tracey) back in Doylestown, Pa.; two signed DSJ photography prints of ocean waves from their Hawaii trip. 

Snow shovel duties... and the obligatory snowball fight. I think Maia won :)

Working off too much food!!! 

Now for IPA inspired silliness :))

It will take a week or so for me to get my jeans buttoned, but it was well worth it. A great time. Thank you MOAB! Great to see you Caleb!
Mark and Bobbie.


  1. Those Christmas stockings could double as sleeping bags. Nice to gather with family and friends. I love Bobbie's painting. You two won't have to eat at least until you get back to the desert.

  2. There is always too much food at family gatherings, but much of it is tradition. I just got home from San Antonio, long drive but my SIL drove and no snow to worry about down here.

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all! Just finished the Christmas rounds up here yesterday. Have to say that the big hit with the grandkids was that we had snowdrifts to play in! Christmas is certainly a special time with family and friends. Happy New Year!

  4. Leonard! Santa missed you at the North Pole this year - you adorable elf you! -scamp

  5. Mark-- Happy Holidays to you and Bobbie-- Enjoy your blog so much-- I decided to leave you Bronco tickets (in my family suite) at will call- You a great Bronco fan! But I do fear the Green Bay Packers! Peyton

  6. Beautiful photos of Clear Creek. What a fun Christmas you had...


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