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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chronology Interrupted...

Whew! It's been a busy time. I will get to part two of the Subway hike next post. I just wanted to let you know that we are back home in Lovely Ouray. We arrived to snow-less and mild tee shirt weather... but that has since changed (of course). Several days of snow and still snowing now. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, just in the "Saint Nick" of time. 

Bobbie baked a birthday cake for Marathon Man Leonard, who is a hundred and *% years old now. I went down to the Ouray Brewery and bought him something I liked :))... a growler of Colorado Gold. Yum! The ole Texan is experimenting with a winter in Lovely Ouray and so far the weatherman has cut him a break. He biked almost every day we were gone! Like I said, things have changed :))

We left Goldilocks stored in the Saint George area and drove home in Sue Bee. The plan is to pick Goldie up after the first of the year and continue our travels. With Goldie in St. George, we are looking forward to traveling a different route to southern Arizona this year. Who knows where we'll go, but I've been eyeing a return to Death Valley :)). Quartzite might be a good place to purchase a solar panel or two and get that expense over with. I'm pretty sure Goldie is a "keeper," so I don't mind spending a little on the old gal. She was quite comfy for our six week outing to Utah. The only problem is, she get's a little thirsty between ports of call. We don't move much so that's ok. We'll try and keep our carbon footprint small; it's not like we're racing back and forth across the USA anymore. 

I got the fire going... sitting in my easy chair and watching it snow. After this storm clears out we'll be headed up Red Mountain for some snowshoe adventures above 10,000 feet. It's been a while since we've been up there; I hope we can re-adjust to the altitude. It seems to take a little longer to do that every time we come back from the desert. 

Till January "something," you'll be finding us here in Lovely Ouray, for a White Christmas in the "Switzerland of America." I'll be featuring snow, snow, and more snow photos... walking our pretty little downtown streets... making the rounds to local breweries... watching ice climbers... and just making Merry in the holiday season, while keeping an eye on the calendar, of course :)) You like snow, don't you? Come join us for a White Christmas in Lovely Ouray... you don't even need long pants!

Mark and Bobbie... home for the holidays!

Pizza, Beer and Cake... What a meal!

105 degrees of liquid bliss!

Get your world famous Scrap Cookies HERE!


  1. Mark, I LOVE it! OURAY! You know,it is my favorite place yet! You are one lucky duck! Keep the blogs and photos coming...it'll make my day...

    Julie's Mom

  2. No snow yet here, unless you count an overnight dusting on the car roof that melted quickly one morning. But they got over a foot in Eau Claire yesterday where my daughter goes to school. Time to drag out the boots! For some reason your snow is prettier than ours...must be the mountains!

  3. The temperature of that water looks just about right to me.
    The icy part, hanging by a rope? Not so much.

  4. In those last black and whites I could feel the cold creeping in.

  5. Julie's Mom,
    You almost sound like you're glad we're home :))
    We are lucky ducks to have a place like this to come home to... Life Is Good, for sure.
    Merry Christmas to You and Your Lovely Dotter... and thanks for being a BCB reader and contributor... Laverne :)) You have too many names... are you in the Witness Protection Program, or what?

    Pam and Wayne,
    Boots and coats...
    I'm sticking to shorts as long as I can stand it :)) and
    the mountains do make a nice place for the snow to land :)

    To each their own :)
    The Hot Springs are necessary for a comfortable life in the High Country... thanks for your comment.

    Talk about cold creeping in make me think of death :(( Time to change the subject.
    Remember you can always warm up that the Hot Springs... and the breweries.
    thanks, good to hear from you!

  6. Looks beautiful. I like the different seasons as long as I don't have a long commute in the snow...and it does look prettier in Ouray than in places like Chicago.

  7. Gorgeous photographs, we only passed through Ouray when we drove the million dollar highway a couple of years ago. Although we did find time to enjoy a couple of scrap cookies. Hope to return and do more exploring one of these days. :)

  8. Oh no!!! Mouse's! I have to walk down the other side of the street from that place - their almond toffee is sooo good.

    Beautiful shots and makes me glad I'm here where it's nice and warm, not there, even though it's such a beautiful place.

  9. Mark. Finally. Decent. Post! (Kidding) I look af your blog - like following Hemingway on snowshoes with a.camera! Always good. But where is good rant! Are getting mellow? Take care. ( hate to bring. Up asking about your book?) Forget that- later. Happy Holidays buddies6

  10. Happy birthday Leonard! Oh yum a growler of beer and cake! Ugh. Scamp

  11. What a contrast. Bake your bod in UT to bake a cake in CO. The warm water looks inviting but you can keep the snow. Happy Holidays.

  12. Looks TOASTY in that hot pool. Definitely my kinda soaking!

  13. Ouray is looking a little bit different these days. It's nice to experience it through your photos from the warm sunshine of the Rio Grande Valley rather than actually being IN the snow. But we don't get any scrap cookies this way!
    Wish Leonard a belated Happy Birthday for us. No better way to celebrate than pizza, beer and cake.

  14. Teri,
    Agreed, Ouray beats Chicago... no matter the season, at least for non city folks like us. :))

    So you found Ouray's Holy Grail... scrap cookies from Mouse's Chocolates! The rest pales in comparison. Ha!
    Allow all summer for exploration around Lovely Ouray:)
    thanks for commenting,

    Spotted Dog,
    It is dangerous for me to use the internet there... a gal I know slips me extra cookies.
    Thanks, S. D.

    Walden Steve,
    Yikes... Hemingway just rolled over in his grave. Good thing he is dead or he'd find you and bash your head in. But from my end... Thanks, pal!
    The Book... sigh. Someday.
    May you have a white Christmas in Florida... sand, of course.

    A toxic combination that was good going down, but soon regretted. I'll pass your msg alone to Leon. thanks!

    Happy Holidays to you too, Gaelyn!
    Hope you are warm.

    Three temps to pick from... you should stop by one day. :)) Enjoy your desert.

    Jim and Gayle,
    I will pass your msg along to Leon...
    I thinks Jim was eating scrap cookies behind your back, Gayle... lots of them :))


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