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Thursday, June 4, 2020

A Wander Up Engineer Pass Road


  1. Those big marsh mellow puffy things in that Blue Sky put it over the top for me; felt extra special on this 90ยบ day here here in lovely Guerneville, Calif: back yard will be in shade very shortly then we will take our iced coffees up to the upper yard and enjoy the breeze and surf the weather around the world. Yesterday while doing same we were amazed at how many locals in Europe were having rain showers for the next 4 & 5 days, even as far North as Olso and down to the Dolomites, in Italy. Now another interesting happening which we view right from our back yard while enjoying the 3:30 Iced coffee is all this air traffic from China, since the tourist traffic between our countries has been cut off and ocean cargo shipping has been halted as well, we have 3 Chinese airlines coming right over our house, some having stopped in Anchorage and then proceeding down to SF & LA. If your readers haven't discovered Flight Tracker on their lap top they might be amazed at this feature. It certainly is a great feature for us retired world travelers during these Historic Golden Years:)
    Well until we get to lay our eyes on Lovely Ouray once again....Stay Thirsty My Friends and keep on being Safe on and off those trails.

    D & A

  2. Sure do wish I was along on that walk! everything's gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful! Looks like the snow is almost gone.


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