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Thursday, June 25, 2020

A New Abram Summit "Dot" For Ruthie And Michelle

There are a few mountains I can skip without regret. Abram is not one of them. Abram is compulsory. A summer without at least one Abram summit feels incomplete.

Bobbie and I delight in sharing our mutual infatuation with trails and summits with friends. And it's even more rewarding when it's new territory for them. 

Such was the case with Ruthie and Michelle regarding climbing Mount Abram. Whether resident or tourist, Abram's striking pyramidal shape demands attention. It's Lovely Ouray's Eiffel Tower, and to live here and not ascend it's demanding tundran slope is nothing short of sacrilege.        

Right off the bat, Abram tests resolve. The standard approach is a precipitous rocky couloir that typically holds snow till 4th of July or beyond. A frozen couloir full of snow is not unlike a bobsled run, less the curves. Thus, climbers best come prepared to pull a self-arrest. 

But the weather has been warm and our skies not cloudy all day, so our mini glacier was sun-softened and friendly with purchase. Soft snow beats loose rocks any day. A little over half way up to the ridge line, unfortunately, we ran out and were cast upon creek-scree.   

Michelle runs out of snow on the way to the ridge saddle

Note our progress from small pond dead-center in the above photo...our starting point.

Views from the "saddle"

Looking cross-valley to Richmond Pass (center) and Hayden Mountain (right of center). We were there a week or so back.

Bobbie and Ruthie gain the saddle, while Red Mountains smolder in the distance

The ups and downs of ridge running are more to Michelle's liking. The grassy green knob of Abram awaits to her left.  

Bobbie and Ruthie enjoy stepping out after the tough grind up the approach couloir.

But like I said...the ridge run has its ups and downs...

So close she can almost taste it...

Ugh...The final push is as steep as the initial push

This view brings a smile...

The joy/relief of topping out. Note Lovely Ouray way down in the valley.

Ruthie is thrilled to finally check this box off her bucket list

We hike down a ways to get a better view of Lovely Ouray

Time to head down...

Hope your enjoyed our Abram hike.
Peace out,
Mark, Bobbie, Ruthie and Michelle 


  1. I get breathless just looking at your stunning photos!

    1. Me too, the 7th and 13th photos make me stop breathing in awe . . .

  2. I guess we would put the Abrams Summit hike in our Top 5 ....the views with Red Mountains 1 , 2, & 3 in the background are like no other mountain scenes that I know of, anywhere in the World.

    Glad you all made it safe & sound

    Stay Thirsty My Friends
    D & A

  3. That looks fantastic. I'd love to walk that ridge. I may have to get some beta from you on the route if we come out to visit Ouray again. I know it's not entirely trivial because last year the race director for the Ouray 100 got hopelessly lost while trying to place some comms equipment on Mount Abram, spent an unplanned night on the mountain, and nearly missed the race start.

  4. Beautiful photos as usual. Still using your same camera as last year?


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