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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Through Caleb's Lens, and "Tweaking Reality"

Our hearts soared as one from Abram's summit, smiles broad and genuine. Though we reside in Ouray, home is "up there," on high, where breath comes in desperate gasps and contentment flows like a river.

I was sorting through son Caleb's folder of photos from Mount Abram this morning and couldn't resist the urge to post a few. Caleb uses his iPhone for photos and does a fine job with it. So here is a fresh new perspective... through Caleb's lens.

A few shots from our Perimeter Trail hike over the 4th of July... 

 And the following day, summiting Abram... 

Heaven is unsustainable, elysium fields ephemeral. Eventually, one must contend with "reality," the dirty dishes, unpaid bills... laundry. Memories of Abram's climb and the verisimilitude of summer summits to come is what gets me through the muddled everydayness in between. Good fortune is often lost on restless souls whose eyes and dreams tend to lie on lost horizons. Eventually, one must come to terms with the end of the road. What then, and more importantly, where? Heaven is unsustainable, elysium fields ephemeral... 

Something to chew on while you are "having a nice day."
Peace out,
mark and bobbie, always tweaking "reality" :)   


  1. Just returned from shopping, laundry is going....yeah....you hit the nail on the head. I am going to get to some of those summits near Ouray before I give it up in this world. Had to comment on your post over on Facebook...sometimes you say things that I never want to lose.

  2. A grand hike to grand a elevation. Marvelous.

  3. Cameras on phones do a great job, and he has quite the eye. That 5th image, all green and white made me go "Wow." Looks like you all had great fun!

  4. "Good fortune is often lost on restless souls whose eyes and dreams tend to lie on lost horizons." God help me.
    Nice pictures from Caleb!

    1. Someday, you will shed your "restless boundaries," only to find another "fence" (sigh). Freedom is an illusion...
      Uncle Mark :)

  5. Holy crap, look at that incline! My knees would be screaming I'd have to do it on my butt! You are no geezer, despite your claims to it.


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