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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Neither Rain nor Snow nor Darkness of Clouds

It's one thing to be "caught out" above timberline, surprised by an un-forecasted thunderstorm and lightning after being assured by the weather-guessers that it would be a "fair day" in the mountains.  But it's another thing altogether to go "up there" after being forewarned that it would be best to stay home and live to hike another day.  These mountains of ours tend to make a mockery out of meteorologists' computer models. The San Juans are as unpredictable as Donald Trump's mouth, both of which tend to make fools out of anyone who tries to put them in a "box." But we went anyway, and took John Q. and Joalenn with us. I'm sure John was recalling one time a couple of years ago when he, Bobbie, and I had to run for our lives down the Bridge of Heaven Trail.

So, to appease the weather gods and weak-kneed among us... and Bobbie, who's mantra is "Never stay home because of "the weather," I woke Petroleous Rex from hibernation cheated our way to the top of Red Mountains via Corkscrew Gulch Road... just in case we needed shelter. Thus, all the clouds and dismal light in this post (sigh).

See what I mean? Thar's just no NEON in them thar hills without old Sol. But even on a bad day, if you've never seen the Red in our Red Mountains, well... they can still be pretty special. 

Today we are off to check out the flowers in Spirit Basin. May your day be as pretty :). 


  1. Cloudy postcards are still postcards, nonetheless. Love the flowers and the red mountains. and and and.....Glad you didn't get hit by anything to scary.

  2. Still spectacular even without the sun!

  3. Always enjoy off road exploring of the Red Mountains with you and Bobbie. What a fun morning hiking the ridges and not worrying about lighting. My heart is beating fast enough because of the altitude then add the fear factor of running from lightning and those heart stents get a workout. Yes I remember the artillery barrage coming down Bridge to Heaven.
    John Q

  4. We are just 40 miles south of these amazing mountains! It's our first trip...can't wait to get there. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Gorgeous! One of these days I hope to see them thar red mountains up close and personal!
    Love the wildflowers!

  6. You may have had some clouds but the photos are still amazing!! We are hoping to get to see those Reds very soon:) They look like a painting. The wildflowers are beautiful with that backdrop:) Thanks for the beauty this morning:)

  7. Wow, I am enjoying your pictures. I picture myself there. I can feel the air around me, the smell is wonderful. The flowers so perfect. I can picture myself playing in the snow (ice?). I can hear the wind blowing up the mountain and smell the earth so fresh. Thank you for the trip. Barbara I Florida


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