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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Life is a Verb

Shakespeare advised that brevity is the soul of wit. I would take it a few steps further and add that it is also the soul of all things short-lived and precious. Scarcity creates value, be it diamonds, gold, real estate, or wildflowers.

Wildflower season in the mountains is brief. In fact, so is summertime, for that matter. Anticipation for wildflowers and summertime incubates for months and months. Spring is a "tease." She doles out temperate sundress days then snatches them out from under you, dashing all hope that the back of Old Man Winter has been broken. 

It's weird living in a place where it can snow any month of the year; if not in town, certainly up on our alpine playground. Another degree of global warming would be fine by me if it bought an additional week of wildflowers and summertime. And to think it's halfway over, that the days are growing shorter, that, at our age, we might not see another... 
Man, talk about "brevity." Where did youth go? How short is "life?" A clock ticks, but the "hourglass" runs silent. I fear there is more on my "to do" list than time to do it. 
Life is a verb, people... get to it!  


  1. Thanks for the memories of one of our favorite wildflower hikes. I looked back at photos and there was more snow last year when we were there. Scenery doesn't get much better than that!

  2. While we have wildflowers here in the midwest there is something about those alpine wildflowers that strikes a cord with us flatlanders. We are jealous! Thanks for sharing!


  3. It's beautiful Mark. Never enough time to soak it all in!

  4. Beautiful wildflower shots. Its hard to imagine your compressed seasons when ours are spread over months. I love your header photo with those colourful striations.

  5. That has become my standing advice to all those waiting for every little thing to be perfect before they retire, "Go small. Go cheap. And go NOW!" Tomorrow isn't guaranteed to any of us. We took the 25% hit and retired early (62 instead of 66) -- no regrets.

  6. Wildflowers....nature....mountains and views. Peace!

  7. Wow! Just beautiful:) Thanks for taking us into the wildflowers and up into the mountains with you as we roast here in Iowa.


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