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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Poppies In Rockhound

We pointed Goldie East, a direction she's not familiar with, put Chiricahua in the rearview mirror and motored Interstate 10 into New Mexico. I know, I know… but there's no other way to get there (sigh). 

It's challenging country, that part of New Mexico—a tad on the desolate, disadvantaged, and dying side. We paused for supplies at Wally's Mart in Lord-have mercy-sburg, then continued on to Deming, now a gas/chain-food strip mall. It's no wonder truckers are Super Sized. All I saw was Big Macs, Big Gulps, and Big People. Ok, Wendy's and McDonalds do offer a salad, but have you ever seen someone besides Bobbie order a salad? If I ever get terminal cancer, you'll find me at a Carls Junior eating a double bacon double cheeseburger. A heart attack seems more humane. I digress… 

About 20 backroad miles out of Deming we arrived at Rockhound State Park, hoping to waltz right in without a reservation, and see for ourselves why so many RV'er bloggers stop and camp there. Given the sorry state of Lord-have mercy-sburg and Deming, it was quickly obvious; it feels safer. 

We took a non electric site… a big mistake because it was pushing 85 degrees in the shade the next two days. But, we lucked into a 50 year poppy bloom, enough "gold" in them thar hills to make it worth the price of admission. 

Evening or Desert Primrose

Walking to the Visitor's Center

Black and Whites of the Visitor's Center...

Otherwise, same old shit… too hot to be enjoyable past 11 AM.


  1. The poppies are beautiful Mark.....

  2. What a bonanza!

    I love your header painting! Ouray?

  3. Have only camped at Rockhound during winter, when the wind howls through dusty Deming. The bloom is spectacular, as are your photos.

  4. Deeply touched, my comrade...

  5. "...put Chiricahua in the rearview mirror and motored Interstate 10 into New Mexico. I know, I know… but there's no other way to get there (sigh). "

    Au contraire mon frere, there is another way through Douglas but it would have been some 60 miles more for you to reach Rockhound State Park. However, you would have been able to see Columbus, NM and Poncho Villa State Park which would have been more exciting than Lordsburg or Deming. The Patio Cafe in Columbus is pretty good IF you can find them open.

  6. True. At this point we were just trying to outrun the heatwave… gain some altitude, find some shade :)

  7. The header is just beautiful:) Great job!

    Love all the desert blooms. The poppies are so bright and pretty:)


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