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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Just Another Nameless Canyon Hike

Two months can fly right off the calendar when you're having fun. We arrived back home to Lovely Ouray yesterday, and this morning I am wrapped in the loving arms of an overstuffed Lazy Boy rocker, fire blazing in the hearth, and watching snowflakes assemble on the deck. Bobbie is already up and out for her walk—one I couldn't yet face given the weather. Give me a day or two; some things take a little time to adjust…

The Gang didn't seem to want to let up on the gas as our stay in Zion was winding down. Every morning a series of emails were exchanged under the subject line, "Todays hike?" If nothing specific materialized we'd just drive up through the Zion tunnel, pull over at a random canyon turnout, and start walking. Such was this post's hike, so settle back and come virtually along to see what we found...

Coming back through Springdale, we stopped at the new library/park to wander through an Arts and Crafts show, then took a stroll up to the outdoor Amphitheater, set in a alcoved base of towering red rocks. The world is indeed a stage, and this one had no roof.    


  1. Loved the clouds above the sandstone. Looks like a very special nameless place!

  2. Loved the clouds above the sandstone. Looks like a very special nameless place!

  3. Oh, my....it looks like the last "unnamed canyon" was the prettiest of them all! So sorry I had to miss it...darned sore toe! Makes you wonder what other spellbinding beauty lies just beyond the pavement... (still sniveling.)

  4. Name or not, it is all good in Zion.
    That Bobbie, she should have worked for the postal service!

  5. Mark, although I have always enjoyed Ouray, leaving Zion when it is snowing in Ouray--huh? I have been sailing the Maine coast and the Maritimes for the past two years, we are ready to jump in the motorhome and get out of here and head for the Southwest again!

  6. I have seen petrograms near Snow Canyon that have the same odd man figures with downward arm extension. Must mean beautiful location but no hunting allowed. Nice way to end your stay near Zion with one last hike. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful photography as always! The rocks are always amazing, but I especially enjoyed the whispy clouds and blue sky.

  8. We loved just pulling off on the east side and hiking into where ever. The huge areas of slickrock made it a great playground. The deep blue sky and those wispy clouds make for gorgeous photos!

  9. You just can't go wrong in Zion.

  10. Already back in CO?? It does seem ultra fast. All the hikers dispersed and on their separate ways. I sense a second trip down south later this winter?

    1. Yes… come January we will pick up Goldie from the "pound" and work our way down the Colorado River corridor a ways…then make a break for the boondocks south of Tucson :)) Then try to work our way home in march/april, stopping off in Utah's Cedar Mesa area to hunt down some more Anasazi ruins and rattlesnakes (ugh).


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