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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas With The Whole Fam-Damly

It's been snowing, it's snowing now, and the forecast calls for buckets more snow throughout the week with highs in the teens. Bring it, Old Man—try to knock the Post Christmas smile my haggard face, the Humbug Chip off my shoulder—give me your best shot and we'll see who's wearing shorts when you're all said, done, and blown out.

Son, CJ, came up from Albuquerque to spend some quality Christmas time, not to mention, empty out our fridge and cupboards. Such a pleasant young man, in his middle years and in spite of having to slay corporate dragons six days a week. Don't know if I could bend over for "The Man" anymore; maybe if I got hungry enough. His anything-for-profit company decided to give out Pay Cuts for the coming year, retroactive to November. Ho Ho Ho…Merry Christmas, Lemmings. So CJ found another company to go to work for in Denver, one that was voted a top ten "Best Places to Work." It's nice to see that sometimes good things happen to good people, instead of the other way around. Congrats, son.

We hiked a couple three hours every day…post-holing and tracking up all the fresh snow. CJ's a Crossfit gym rat, thus no stranger to the FUN gains and ENDORPHIN highs that comes as a result of a good workout. When snow got deeper than my gators, I'd make him break trail :).

It will be nice to have CJ living in Denver where we have more Fam-damly (Maia Owen Anita Brent, MOAB) in nearby Golden, home of Coors Beer Inc and the ever-present smell the damp barley. Coors had to remove "Made from pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water" from their cans when it was discovered they were simply pulling water out of the river. Never a fan of the brand; it seems to always leave me with a headache.

Don't let this above photo fool you. I'm not that much shorter...

Twin Peaks made a nice Postcard backdrop for our Christmas Card

An Imax Fam-damly Christmas...


  1. Looks a bit chilly to me. Just how cold does it need to be to break out the long pants?

  2. What a great Christmas you have all enjoyed, especially with son closer to home now. My favorite photos: SHORTS in snow, certainly a hearty way to enjoy Christmas snow hike. Looks like you all had a great time.

  3. Too bad your son doesn't look anything like you, Mark:) How nice to have this great time making wonderful memories.

    I must say I do believe you have one of the most gorgeous views from your home.

  4. I see some serious smiles in these photos, Mark! Nice. Having family time and a great son doing cool stuff always helps life seem really good. What is that you always say? "but it's a DRY cold". shorts and all.

  5. You're happy because you got some QUALITY father-son time. I'm happy because this freak'n Bounder solar project is coming to conclusion. I'm really happy with the way it is turning out. Hope it works. Wohoo!

    Ya, here in Apple Valley, CA., in the So-Cal High Desert, we're expecting snow down to 2,000 feet within 48 hours. You"re probably going to get buried.

    The photos are even beyond your normal high quality. The photo of you and Bobbie centered with the Mountain backdrop SHOULD be a Christmas card for next year. And it's great to finally see more photos of you. And, as someone already mentioned, your smile could NOT be any bigger. Good on you. Happy New Year to you and Bobbie, family and fellow Box canyon BLOGORINOS.

  6. How nice that Caleb is moving to Denver. Looks like Scrooge had a merry Christmas after all!

  7. Ooh, thanks for the snow pictures. We are dry as a bone out here. Nothing like last year's snow-aggedon! Looks like you had a great time over Christmas! Happy New Year!

  8. Now that looks like some hard hiking! But the views seem to be worth the effort...stunning!


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