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Monday, December 8, 2014

Bald Eagle Walk Along The Uncompahgre River

Clouds broke up and temps soared into the 50's, so we decided to walk the bike path along the river, from Ridgway down to the reservoir.

Bald Eagles show up every winter to do a little "fishing" along the Uncompahgre River (Un-come-pah-gre). I was able to get a few lame photos with my Canon Elphie, but here is a LINK to my youtube video from a couple of years ago; it has some better shots, plus a little Muzak. Watch in the highest resolution for better quality.
Peace Out from Lovely Ouray

An Eagle takes flight



  1. That looks like a nice leisurely "walk" for this time of year. We just love that whole area. I know it's probably late now, but have you done anything on "Last Dollar", hiking or jeeping or biking, recently? Love the scenery on that road. Probably too touristie for you locals.

  2. Awesome eagle shots! They are such a majestic bird, I never get tired of watching them.

  3. Glad you took that walk...nice pictures of the eagle on a beautiful,day!


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