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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer's Rush...A Revolving Door of RV Friends

It's been a great summer so far, bringing wildflowers, rain, and a revolving front door of old friends and new acquaintances. They came bearing adult beverage gifts of fine wine, mysterious IPA's, and Spotted Cow ales exclusively brewed and sold in Wisconsin. We alternated between firing up the grill, ordering Pizza, and breaking out chips and guacamole. Spirits fueled conversations and exaggerations. As my friend Maikel says, "Never let facts get in the way of a good story!"  So, the more we drank the bigger the stories :) It's typical RV fraternity...a Brotherhood of the Road

But it really started before July, May, actually, when early bird RV'ers Mary and John Wells passed through Lovely Ouray for a meet up...I believe due the the BCB blog. They hail all the way from Maine, one of our favorite of the New England states in Fall, not winter :) Hey Guys! If I remember correctly you had to be back home by mid summer. Hope your life near the water/ocean is good and that you can take a winter break to someplace warmer. 

The end of June brought Newbies Lisa and Hans to Lovely Ouray...another blog connection. They sold out of San Diego in order to wander but can see themselves back in a sticks and bricks eventually, perhaps in Oregon (so don't squander the nest egg!), then downsizing the big Montana Fiver to a smaller rig. Speaking of Montana, that's where you'll find them right now, exploring their hearts out. Check out Metamorphosis Road.

It was good to see John Q. from Zionsville, Illinois, again this year. His Hiking Pilgrimage to Lovely Ouray is in its fifth year now. Die hard Floridian Beach Bum, Walden Steve, came out for the second time...flying from grandfatherly duties in Wisconsin, to Dallas, renting a car there and driving straight through for 15 hours! His masochism garnered him the Ass Fault Road Rash Award and a month's supply of hemorrhoid wipes. John and Steve met here at our Wildflower Festival back in 2010, and have since crossed paths in Florida and Illinois. 

Walden Steve, John Q., and The Boonster and Coffe Girl

Walden Steve, left, John Q., right, on Blue Lakes Pass

Coffee Girl loves hiking...maybe even more than biking :)
Wiseone's, Susan and Maikel left their Airstream mothballed and moved in for a week :). We introduced them to the gang and drug them out on our favorite wildflower hikes. We even squeezed in a bike ride to Ridgway with Pal Boonie, who's trailer I had the pleasure of dragging up a four wheel drive road and backing along side a slot canyon that flash-flooded at regular intervals. Serves him right for being a "Postcard" hater! Hee hee. Like his dog, Coffee Girl, his bark is worse than his bite, and we love him in spite of his misguided views on scenery and women and National Parks :)    

New acquaintances were formed when Ingrid and "story teller" Al from Live, Laugh, RV showed up for a meet and greet. They are former developers and homebuilders, and before that Al was an Airline Pilot and Ingrid was a stewardess (Gee, I wonder how they met?). Al and Ingrid sold their sticks and bricks in Pueblo West recently and embarked on The Lifestyle full-time. 

Al and Ingrid in Telluride (their photo from Live, Laugh, RV) and a darn good one!
Al and Ingrid were able to meet the infamous Boonie Boonster, Susan and Maikel, and our friend Cydney, a flower child from Berkley, California, back in the heydays of the 60's. I think Walden Steve developed a little senior "crush," even tho she kept telling him there was already a boyfriend (snicker). Sorry Steve, you can't deny it, there were too many witnesses! It was good entertainment, tho! You never disappoint :).

We also met BCB readers (and Lazy Daze owners) Don and Dorothy when they came over from a camp up at Ironton on Red Mountain. They RV away from the heat and humidity of Alabama every summer for six months in order to explore the west that Don has had a longstanding fascination for. It took a while, but Dorothy seems to be an eager and willing participant, now that they found the proper RV. We pointed them to a few four wheel drive roads and non-vertical hiking trails and hope to get together again before they head down the road.

Lazy Daze RV'ers Dorothy and Don on our front deck

Illinois "salt of the earth" farmers Chris and Mindy show up in Lovely Ouray every year to Jeep the high country. We had them over for pizza...they were the ones that brought the Spotted Cow, which I liked! Mindy also teaches school; rumor has it only one more year to go. We met up through the Artful RV Adventures/Box Canyon Blog. Chris and Mindy love looking at photos of the area around Lovely Ouray to tide them over till next years vacation.  A big BCB "Hello" to Pop, who stays behind to keep the farm in order.  He is a big Colorado and BCB fan from what I hear. You need to get out here again, Pop!

Professional Food and Livestock growers, Chris and Mindy!!! 
We always enjoy meeting fellow RV'ers and blog readers. The RV Brotherhood has a small town feel...like we may not have met, but I feel like I know you. What I find unique about the RV community is that when we cross paths again out on the road, even after a single meeting, it seems like old times with old friends. 

We hope to see some of you this winter. You'll know where we're at by checking in right here. Till then, see ya down the road. 
Mark and Bobbie
Maikel and Susan

Susan now wants to be a Big Mama Cabbie in Silverton :)

Maikel, Al, Susan, Bobbie, Ingrid, and Boonie... in the Imax living room.

A hike to Box Canyon Falls

Yours truly, contemplating Whirled Peas...

I will never tire of Susan's smiles...

Mindy, making sure Chris keeps his eyes right...

Walden Steve signs out...then Bobbie, Boonie, and John Q.

This says it all...


  1. Ice Lake was such a special place. Thanks for sharing your backyard with us. -Maikel

  2. Susan here. Yep. That's gonna be my new job... driving that big tire vehicle. Yep.

  3. You and Bobbie are such gracious hosts, sounds like the word is really getting around!

    Look forward to seeing you guys in Nov.


  4. Sounds like your summer in Ouray is like ours was in San Diego...it's fun when you live in a place that people like to visit!

    Hope to see you two in the South West this winter!

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  5. Sounds like a great way to spend the summer to me!

  6. Thank you and Bobbie for spending time with us. It was great meeting both of you, even though we felt we knew you from the blog. Hope to see you before we leave the area.

  7. I hope some day to a participant on your list of summer visitors.

  8. Walden Creek rv steveAugust 8, 2013 at 7:58 PM

    Summer filled with memories! Hopefully more summers to enjoy around Ouray-- senior crush???????? where do you come up with these thoughts?? A person says hello to someone and all kinds of theories ignite!! But- guess who called me today?? LOL Thanks again to you and Bobbie for once again being great hosts- No better Colorado guides than you two!

  9. We would love to go to Box Canyon Falls and any other falls in the area. Hopefully you'll see us in a year or two. Unless you visit San Antonio before then. Then you could visit us!

  10. So much fun meeting up with fellow rv'ers and blog followers.
    Looks like a great summer.

  11. We sure hope to be added to that summer list one day! I have enjoyed your hikes and pictures so much!

    You have a beautiful home in Ouray.

  12. Actually most dogs probably prefer going mountain biking with their human because the wheel moves faster than the heel.

    But having a "pack" of hikers is fun, too.

  13. We have enjoyed meeting up with you and Bobbie over the past few years and truly appreciate your hospitality! Next year we'll have to see if New Glarus has any of their IPA on hand when we make a visit!

  14. I'm now back home in Indiana and thank you for the great visit we had in Ouray.  You and Bobbie are a very special couple who are just fun to be around. It was nice to meet up with Boonie and Steve again and enjoy a scenic high altitude hike together. Until we meet again, stay thirsty my friend and keep those great adventure pictures coming.....
    John Q

  15. You are taunting those of us who chose to wander Eastward... ;-)

  16. Absolutely love this 'Brotherhood of the Road'. The friends we've made along our many years of travel, both in person and virtual, are priceless to me. Maybe one day we can be the gracious hosts that you are, though we do a pretty good job 'out here'!

  17. Great post, Mark. Thanks again for the hospitality and introducing us to your friends. I know our explorations in the Lovely Ouray area have just begun. Although the wildflowers have waned perhaps we'll be in the area for the gold of fall to appear!

  18. pretty cool, nice pix's of the casa!! were my video and good music? gary g

  19. Anticipation builds for next July's wildflower crop. It's short and sweet, which makes it all that much more special. We'll be up there, will you?

    And remember, if your hiking ability is limited there are jeep tours and jeep rentals to get you up above timberline. There are ways, just got to be creative...and have a little cash :(

    Thanks for all your comments...they fuel the blog!!! Now go take a hike :)
    mark and bobbie

  20. Bobbie, Mark:
    Thanks for hosting us; spur of the moment back in the Spring. We're so proud to have kick-started the "visitor season" at the Imax!
    We really enjoyed the area and left a whole lot undiscovered for later trips.
    Yes, we made it back to Maine just in time for Little League play-offs, a wet July and so far a fabulous August!
    If ever back Down-East we'll most likely be here July - Sept, give us a shout.
    John & Mary Wells

  21. Mark, I cannot see your most recent blog entry about your brother's visit. I've tried several different browsers but no luck.

  22. Gumo,
    I mistakenly posted it for a few minutes the other day...so you probably got a notice if you are subscribed to the BCB. Sorry, that one is still in the "oven."


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