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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another all-by-ourselves day above timberline at Columbine Lake, restorative therapy for the soul

Some things in this modern, harried life are getting more scarce by the day. Everybody knows what happens when the demand for "something" exceeds supply, it becomes the new gold—more precious than the bullion in your IRA portfolio.  You can't  buy, beg, or borrow this scarce commodity. Yet, although its supply is shrinking faster than a dollar in the bank, it can still be found—just laying around in plain sight. You just have to know where to look...

Bobbie and I are repeatedly spoiled, as many as three to four times a week and sometimes seven, by astounding hikes with amazing vistas. But that is not the "precious" I'm talking about. Nope, I speak of aloneness. 

Doctors should write more prescriptions for aloneness instead of symptom-masking pills. Imagine a restorative prescription to go walking in a solitary place, alone, in the mountains with wildflower meadows watered by cascading streams and raindrops. He wants you to breath deeply, exert, and make sure to stimulate all five senses. What new medicine. What restorative therapy.  


  1. You are so right...every word! That aloneness you speak of keeps Joe and me sane! And healthy too. We have so missed that time since we have been in Polson...cant wait to hike in Glacier next week!

    Pictures are totally beautiful!

  2. Restorative indeed. I feel better already just looking at those beautiful photos. Aloneness is necessary for us too. We're on the road these days and just staying in a RV park with all the rules makes us head for the backroads!

  3. hey mark, nice pix how about some video? you use to do such good movies ,and i like the music you play.fellow traveler gary

  4. Agreed, that is definitely the best kind of therapy.
    But perhaps it is the negative ions at those high elevations that makes you feel so good. Check out this blog post.

  5. Such gorgeous photographs, what a wonderful hike.

  6. Enjoying my hiking alone time here in Crested Butte, but I do miss the companionship of fellow hikers. "oh be joyful" is the name of the trail I took to Blue Lake and camped near the TH. Copper Lake tomorrow, Rustlers Gulch on Friday, Daisy Pass on Saturday then head back to Indy on Sunday. You must have hiked above Columbine to get those great photo's.
    John Q

  7. What a spectacular place you live in! I couldn't agree more about the importance of alone time. The combination of the two make for a little slice of "heaven".

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  8. Once again, fantastic thoughts with photos to make me want to be there. Sigh. We do what we can. Maybe next summer we can take another long trip.

  9. I LOve alone in nature but also like to share it with others. Much like you seem to do also. The colors in those meadows just pops off the page.

  10. Very well stated! Totally agree. We have done quite a bit of people time this summer (and still are). I really miss our alone time. In a week or two we should be able to do some east coast hiking and have some of that quiet time with nature:)

    Magnificent photos!!! That ice blue lake is so beautiful. I had to really take my time and enjoy that.

  11. Laverne here:

    Your post's lately have been outstanding....humorous, interesting and thought provoking! What a treat! I think the wildflowers are more beautiful than ever...and was there in the 70's to see several of those exciting water fights...what fun it was to see your photo's...can't thank you enough!

  12. "alone, in the mountains with wildflower meadows watered by cascading streams and raindrops"...I cannot imagine a more intoxicating drug...my drug of choice. I might have to mix a few trees into the cocktail occasionally, though I think. Maybe that is because I never have the privilege of such "alone" hiking spaces, so I have to hide amongst the trees. ;-)

    Pic #2101 has got to be one of my all time favorites...

  13. I SO agree w/ you on the restorative value of time alone in nature. That has always been the way I've felt. Many of my most meditative (and most peaceful) moments were spent out hiking in the wilderness.

    And if I can't make it out your pics will work aaaalmost as well. Lovely shots as usual.



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