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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Moose Droppings

We finally have proof that moose (mooses? meece?) have made it to Ouray County. This is not breaking news; people have been spotting moose for some time now in and around Lovely Ouray, everyone but us, that is, even though we had one in our yard according to neighbors. Evidently we were gone that day, no doubt up in the high country looking for moose where they belong.

We spotted these two guys at the intersection of Mineral Creek and highway 550, not three miles out of Silverton. In a place where forty five degree angled landscapes are the rule, one doesn't find many exceptions of swamp grass, mud, and mosquito habitats where moose like to hang out. Maikel, Susan and Boonie were along as to witness the spotting, and with their telephoto lens cameras captured better photos than yours truly. 

Photos of a marmot and pica follow the moose. Poor Coffee Girl searched her canine DNA archives under "marmot" and apparently came up empty. She didn't know what to make of the chirping "whistle pig," if it was friend or foe. 


  1. Got some nice clarity & 'depth of field' going on in those tele Moose photos.

  2. I prefer Meece. Love those guys!

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  3. WOW! Tells me I need to practice with my telephoto lens! I love the mooses.

    But I really do love the last picture. Just beautiful!

  4. Great sight of the moose!! It is always fun to find them. Now you know for sure they do exist.

  5. Walden Creek rv!July 29, 2013 at 8:04 AM

    Never a dull day around Ouray! While jogging along backwoods road in Maine last summer ran close to a huge moose with her calf- along the road- Being from Wisconsin that has some of the biggest deer in country- still unprepared to the size of the moose! amazing! I flagged waved down a passing truck and had him drop me of down the road a ways- Seemed kind of a wimpy thing to do BUT that look that the moose gave me was down right scary!

  6. Interesting and beautiful photos. I especially like the last one. Being able to see a moose is certainly a treat.

  7. Can not believe I have yet to see a moose! Signs said they were crossing... never saw one.

    Beautiful photography! The colors!

  8. Love your new header photo. This area is quite the place to call home....I maybe in love (aside from the hubby that is). It was great meeting you and the gang... quite the inspiration to get out there and explore. Thanks again for the hospitality. If we don't run into you out on the road, I'm sure you'll see us running around the San Juans next summer - happy trails, Ingrid

  9. Nice "Mooses" pictures, see they are out there.

  10. Bayfield Al,
    Thanks for commenting...we needed "tele" cause he was a long ways off.

    Me too, Meece in is :)

    Gay and Joe,
    Thanks, I like the last photo too.

    John and Pam,
    I hope there is a female around...I'd like to see some serious propagation going on and baby meece.

    Walden Steve,
    Well, they are big, and wild, and you never know what they are thinking. I think you did the right thing :) You are not wimpy...

    John and Carol,
    Thank you...

    (grin) I know...we never see them crossing either :)

    LIve Laugh Ingrid,
    I'm thrilled you guys came by and we got to introduce you to some other RV'ers. I'm sure we'll cross paths this winter...Arizona isn't that big :))
    Till then....

    Yep...we need more wildlife. Rumor has it the Grizzlies are making a comeback, and wolves are making it down from yellowstone. Hiking will get more interesting it that is true :))


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