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Thursday, July 18, 2013

John Q, Boonie, and Coffee Girl, Hiking the San Juans around Lovely Ouray

John Q had hit town, occupying his usual # 20 up in the Amphitheater Campground, spending a portion of his three week solo vacation vagabonding around Colorado in search of either a trail he has yet to hike, or one that bears repeating. On his heels comes Pal Boonie and Coffee Girl, rolling into Lovely Ouray in need of a "friend" with a heavy duty four wheel drive pickup truck, one that could tow his RV up a loose, steep, and rough road, and back it into about the best National Forest campsite you could possibly imagine—on the edge of a canyon with a "white noise" creek cascading through the bottom. It also overlooks our fine Crevice town, nestled like a sleeping baby in the arms of its Mountain Mama. Oh, I almost forgot, this free campsite comes with four bars of Verizon (coup de grace).

Bobbie and I thought John, Boonie and Coffee Girl should enter the Vortex of of Wildflowers up in Spirit Basin. It didn't take long to reach the Barstow Mine ruins. Spent mine soil might be toxic, but it sure is pretty. Glory be, this is what we found there! I hope you enjoy our hike amongst the Spirits in Spirit Basin as much as we did. 


Stay tuned as Walden Steve joins us for a few days...jetting from Wisconsin to Dallas, renting a car and driving 15 hours in one day...through mudslides on Red Mountain Pass...in the dark!


  1. I'd love to see a picture of that campsite you mentioned. What a beautiful place. It doesn't even look like the Mosquitos are bad.


  2. Such beautiful scenery and wildflowers...Your pictures say it all!

  3. It is just so incredibly hard to believe that that scenery is actually "real". You have shot it so well so many times, I actually believe you now. Whew! amazing. Oregon has lots of brushy stuff and the open landscapes in Colorado Rockies are fascinating to me. Gorgeous

  4. All those brilliantly colored wildflowers sure make the meadows pop.

  5. Heart stoppingly beautiful! In a couple of days we'll get into the high country of Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park...I'm not so sure it can compare to those Ouray area basins.

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  6. Green suddenly seems so very boring...Boonie had better hide those coordinates before the rest of us are on our way!

  7. Wish we could have joined you on that one.

  8. Fantastic hIke to Blue Lake Pass! I'm amazed the Ford truck makes it up the steep large boulder roads that lead to the trail head. Wish all your readers could join us.
    John Q

  9. Our wildlflowers here in Wisconsin are so drab compared to Colorado. Someday!

  10. gumo
    No mosquitos...we are fortunate that our mountains are so steep, water cannot pool enough for them to hatch out. thanks

    Gay and Joe,
    Good, I need to do less talking :)

    We always covet what we don't possess, eh? I'm the worst offender, too, in spite of my "backyard."

    John and Pam,
    Will do...I can't help myself.

    Thanks...hope the Grand Canyon is treating you well this year.

    Thanks. Yes, go higher...above timberline...for the waning show.

    We have several choices...you have a knowledgable friend in high places. :))

    Jim and Gayle,
    Next year?

    John Q,
    Hey...you're ahead of my postings :))

    Someday Soon, I hope.

  11. C J,
    I hope you are getting some of this Monsoon Action!


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