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Friday, July 12, 2013

Sacrebleu !

I'm not an ass, I just sometimes play one on the BCB...for your entertainment and my practice! Like sex, life is too funny to be taken seriously. I hereby declare today, "Lighten up day," and I'll be at O'Brian's after work in case someone wants to buy me a beer. Sheesh! 

This concludes photos of our hike to Upper Blue Lake. Soooo beautiful it made our eyes bleed. If you want to see it for yourself someday we'll gladly act as your personal guides...free!
Mark and BJ.


  1. Well, there aren't any real words to describe your pictures...somehow beautiful just doesn't cut it...they go way beyond that! We will surely take you up on your offer as a guide...this time next year we will be the area. Colorado is on the "to explore" list for sure! And next year is the year!

  2. Your header photo today is spectacular! The others are, too, but the top one is a keeper.

  3. You take the most beautiful pictures! No words to describe them. Thanks for taking us to a place we wouldn't have seen without you!

  4. Gay and Joe,
    Ok, see you next year (I reserve the right to head up to the great northwest on the 101, tho). Thanks!

    Yes...that one is special, taken on the Blue Lakes hike. Thanks for checking in.

    Steve and Joan,
    Thank you guys...and thanks for coming along :)

  5. Luv to have you for a guide... though I'm not sure I could keep up with you and Bobbie. I would have to provide many diversions just to sneak in the rest factor!! You have a great talent for capturing the beauty of the landscape.

  6. WOW...just freakin' WOW!

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  7. That header photo just knocked my socks off! What a beautiful place!
    Grace (in Tucson)

  8. Thanks too much for sharing those awesome photos with us, amazing!

  9. Truly spectacular...just not enough adjectives to describe this beauty!

  10. Beautiful photos. OK, you're on as a hiking guide. Uh, do you do CPR?

  11. Howdy Mark,
    Someone has already said it, 'WOW!'.
    How do you get Bobbie into her paintings; those are her paintings, you can see the brushstrokes!!!
    Absolutle STUNNING!!!

    butterbean carpenter

  12. K explores,
    We are known to saunter more frequently now :) so don't let that keep you from a guided tour.

    WoW... thank you!

    I would have knocked my socks off too, if I had been wearing any when I first saw it. I knew is was going straight to the "Header" for a while. I was in shade when I took it, so I used a little "Flash Fill" and it really popped. Thanks, grace. stay cool in Tucson.

    U R welcome...

    Thank you...words fail us sometimes, too.

    Peter B,
    Appreciated, sir. thanks.

    I use bobbie a lot in mountain shots, to give perspective that shows just how big, wide, deep, and far. It helps that she is small :)) Thanks...she'll appreciate that you analogized her paintings to the photos.

    thanks everyone, Mark

  13. Desert Diva,
    Sure, I'm a Lifeguard...I know CPR :)

  14. I am out of words to describe those photos...other than to say I have obviously been coming to Colorado at the wrong time all these years...all that brilliant color beneath the white!! SPECTACULAR!

  15. P.S. Is there a reason you wouldn't swim in those lakes? Temp?

  16. Suzanne,
    Thank you!!!
    I'm enjoying your blog, and following you along your Newbie trail :))
    Yes, the water is way too cold, but my friend Marathon Man Leonard likes to go in for a quick dip. Not me, tho..
    thanks, mark

  17. There aren't words!! Bobbie looks like she is hiking in front of a back drop. The view is so perfect it doesn't look real. The wildflowers are so gorgeous. Those blue and white columbines are too cool!! So glad you include so many photos! Thanks for taking me back west. I will travel through you for a while:)

  18. John and Pam,
    Oh it's real...every summer we get this explosion of flowers, sky, and emotion. Kinda tears the ol eye :))
    Thanks guys...maybe next year for you!



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