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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moving On...

Lovely Ouray was blessed with a good rain last night, ushered in by a cool front that dropped temperatures. I see fresh snow on Mount Abrams and the ridge line above the Amphitheater this morning, and a blanket of clouds spilling over the south end of town, wrapping it in mist and fog. Bobbie's recently planted deck flowers are speckled with raindrops, miniature crystal balls that shimmer and glisten and satiate thirst in a normally dry land. It is a lovely beginning to the day here in Lovely Ouray.

Son Caleb drove up to spend Memorial Day weekend in the mountains with us. We got up early Sunday and hiked up Oak Creek Trail to the junction of Twin Peaks Trail. Caleb wanted to press on and summit Twin Peaks; Bobbie and I, on the other hand, needed to get back and ready ourselves for work. We handed off water and gatorade and energy bars, a hiking pole—as he would certainly be navigating treacherous slopes of snow higher up—and bid him good day. A little over an hour later, several photos from Twin Peak's summit showed up on Facebook, letting us and the world know he found a way through snow, mud, and dark timber. 

On our way back to town, a hundred yards off-trail, Bobbie spied a prolific bloom of Claret Cup Cactus...dozens of brilliant flames bursting forth-of-July like against a background of shade. What's a photographer to do? I was pretty sure my boss would understand me being a few minutes late, sidetracked by such Photo opportunity. 

Refreshed and renewed from our hike, I inserted the newest key on my chain and turned it clockwise while pulling the door and jiggling, as told, and let myself in to the first day on the job as Mr Upscale Gallery Guy at the Skol Gallery on Main Street Ouray, the "Switzerland of America." My former life as Pool Boy began to fade into the archives of both good and bad memories. Change is good, and not only good, it is necessary, for growth, for learning "new tricks." My daddy, a man of few words, taught by example. And his "example" said, "Son, you will be faced with many doors in life. Never be afraid to open them up, step in, and have a look around." 

It doesn't always work out, "change," after all, we are stuck/blessed (depending on my mood) with two unsold houses in a down, but finally recovering, real estate market. And there was that regrettable blind date right after my divorce eons ago (sigh). Nevertheless, I try to honor my daddy's example, that there is no "gain" to be had from "venturing" without a little "risk." Even though the "door" to this job had to be jiggled, it was time for a change...for the sake of it, for better, or for worse, just take a new "path," for God's sake and your own.  I will miss the pool atmosphere, my crew of young Lifeguards (all but one, anyway), but not the responsibility...always lurking in shadows at the back of my mind...the "what if's" of "something" happening on my watch. 

To New, may it never get Old. 
Movin' on mark   

Gallery Shots

My View from the Skol Gallery

At some point, don't you think you should just get a convertible? I mean, gee, buddy... it's not a motorcycle any more!!!

Father and Son...

Marathon Man Leonard stopped by to show off his "Masters Champion" trophy that he won in a 5K race in Lovely Ouray.  The guy is going to live to be a hundred!!! Nice, Leon, and thanks for the huge cup of Strawberry Ice Cream!!!


  1. Change is healthy of the soul. I'd say you found a great place for a summer job. Ouray is lovely both inside and out.

  2. elaine@hymnserve.comMay 29, 2013 at 1:10 PM

    Love this!

  3. Good post. Couple of good looking guys right there. lol.

  4. Change is good, I'm sure some insight will come out of this new job.

  5. I would think you would love working at the gallery being an artist. Sounds like a good change.

    That Claret Cup is so beautiful!! Thanks for taking pictures. I've only seen ones with a couple blooms.

    Enjoy your new job!!

  6. Walden Creek RV steveMay 29, 2013 at 9:15 PM

    Seems to me you made the right move as long as the work does not affect your play! Do you have some of your stuff in gallery??? any Bea Arthur paintings? take care!

  7. Change is inevitable and teaches us many valuable lessons if we don't resist "kicking and screaming."

    In my opinion, you landed on a job in paradise. What's not to like?

    Your photos as always are amazing. I have a little claret cup cactus in my backyard that always provides a short (but spectacular) show every April.

  8. Stunning photos as usual. Can't wait to explore your neck of the woods....once my house sells. And speaking of selling houses, the market is indeed improving a great deal. So hopefully you'll unload one of those houses soon(if that's the plan). Enjoy that father and son time....special bonding :-)

  9. With your eye for art and craftsmanship, you will be perfect as Mr Upscale Gallery Guy at the Skol Gallery on Main Street.  Not sure how much art you will sell but your customers will know the best hikes in Ouray by the time they leave the Gallery.  To improve sales, think about some wild tattoos to give you that edgy non conforming art look?  
    John Q

  10. Mark, What your dad said: "Son, you will be faced with many doors in life. Never be afraid to open them up, step in, and have a look around."

    I love it! A perfect philosophy. Wishing you the best in these latest ccccchanges. -scamp

  11. What a great place to work! You certainly do not need inspiration (you are overflowing with it)...love your life!

  12. How are those giant sculptures delivered? They look heavy. That is a lovely gallery.

  13. Gaelyn,
    Your Canyon is pretty Grand, too :)
    We are fortunate souls, eh?

    Gracious thanks!

    Son Caleb,
    We are handsome gents, aren't we. Now if I just had your muscles. :)

    Sitting amongst all this "Art" makes me want to paint...I guess that's good.

    John and Pam,
    Thanks...I think I'll like it here.

    Walden Steve,
    I'm not showing at this gallery...yet, anyway :)
    You are too funny...

    Gracious, amigo :)

    Desert Diva,
    Paradise indeed...now that it's warming up :) I'm getting averse to cold in my old age. wonder why?

    Live Laugh,
    Thanks...I think we will sell a house this year... maybe even both! Then what? And That is the fun question...

    John Q.
    I have no desire to ink up my body at this stage...too many wrinkles. I do give good hiking directions and recommendations :))

    It is good to walk through doors...it's how I met bobbie :)) thanks

    Inspired, I am...

    some are very heavy...but the owners will deliver for a fee. If you can afford the sculpture, the delivery fee won't bother you :)) thanks

  14. One of my favorite bosses used to say "A change is as good as a rest." I always try to remember that when I get those caterpillars trying to break free in my stomach!

    I have never seen a cactus like that....it's a traffic stopper indeed! Glorious!

  15. Suzanne,
    It's weird that the C. Cup cacti chose 9000 feet and a pine forest to grow up...a misfit for sure, but then again, so are you and I. :))
    thanks, mark


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