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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Crucifixion and Column

Stations of the Cross reside on the manicured grounds and gardens surrounding Saint Elizabeth's Church in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It took five Italian sculptors forty days per station to complete each one of these emotive scenes that depict the story of Christ's crucifixion. 

I viewed them in sequence, emotion building, marbled facial expressions and body language exacting a toll. The impact was visceral and profound. I was overwhelmed by the last scene, relieved that the notorious deed was over and done.

Art finds its purpose when it provokes a reactive thought or feeling. I think songs have an advantage because they combine verse and melody, each powerful in their own right. When you add music to film or photographs, they become even more affecting. Selecting the right song for a movie scene or slideshow quadruples the impact. I need to get the BCB set up for music.

I had my orientation at the Skol Gallery yesterday. Owners Jeff and Nicole seem like relaxed bosses. I'm looking forward to a change...from chaotic throngs of parents and children during crazy weekends of summer at the Ouray Hot Springs Pool, to the hushed world of Muzak, whispers and reflections on paintings and sculptures. Be sure to stop by thursday thru sundays if you find yourself in Lovely Ouray. 

Here is a link to my recent column for the Ouray County Plaindealer,  "Feral nose and ear hair: Up to my neck in “Golden Pond”"  

Now a few more slides from the Artful RV Adventure album, starting with Bar Harbor, Maine in the fall. Pick your own music.  

Penobscot Bridge  Art, form and function...

Moving on to Chesapeake Bay...

To Eureka Springs, Arkansas...

Ahem, yes, that is a penis. Only in Eureka Springs, honeymoon capital of the deep fried south.

To Port Aransas, Texas...

To Big Bend, Texas...

Bobbie enjoys Ara's new campfire circle on his land near Big Bend

Hueco Tanks State Park, north of El Paso. Pictographs galore, if you can pass the Park Nazi's test on how to look without touching.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi, Mark...just letting you know how much your blog commentary and photos are respected and appreciated...haven't missed a post in about 3 years...Thanks for what you do. Ken

  2. Nice bunch of memories.

    Good luck with the new job.

  3. Wow, great photographs! Thanks for sharing your travel adventures.

  4. elaine@hymnserve.comMay 25, 2013 at 3:35 PM

    That was so fun reading your newspaper article. I was snickering here all by myself.

  5. Great column and most excellent photos, as always!

    We will look you up at the gallery when we get to town. Perhaps we can manage to knock a few beers back together as well.

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  6. Ken,
    I appreciate your comment...timely, as momentum does go both ways. I will try to stay after it. Thanks for your faithful following :) Cheers!

    I'm on my second day at work...haven't been fired yet! Thanks, G.

    Linda W.,
    Thank you...but I must also complement your photos too. Loved the canyon hike in east Oregon. So colorful and just great shots at the right time of day.

    Elaine @ Hymnserve.com
    Glad you got a snicker out of my article. Let's just hope my editor did too :)) The reality is, getting old isn't funny. In fact, it really sucks...
    thanks Sis-in-law.

    Yes, I see you are getting close to Lovely Ouray. Stop by, we are always up for meeting do'ers and having a beer. Thanks guys!

  7. Love the photo walk down memory lane. I'm shopping camera lenses and wondering what you use.

  8. Lynda,
    That is a pandora's box question...
    Short answer, Nikon makes the best lenses in my opinion,

    but would most people be able to tell? Probably not unless you blew them up to poster size and compared them side by side to some other less expensive lens. As proof, I give you that most of those photos of mine were shot with a Canon Pocket Camera with the widest angle lens available.

    I am a huge fan of wide angle...say 14 to 28 mm zoom... it concentrates color better and is razor sharp... you can always crop.
    Thanks for stopping by!!

  9. Third time is a charm! Love your photos and your writing. I will stop more often! :)

  10. Is that a car on top of a porch roof? -Susan

  11. Caleb,
    thank you big guy! You can keep track of me here...:))

    Anon Susan,
    Yep...that's a car on the roof. You've probably been to all the cool eastern places, you new yearner you. :))

  12. Great column. It took me back to sitting on the old wooden church pew in the local barber shop, waiting for my brother to get his annual summer "burr." I could almost smell the Baker's Best Hair Tonic.

    As for the photo album, I decided on Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic" as my mental musical accompaniment. It went especially well with the water shots. ;-)

  13. Suzanne,
    Really reaching back with "Van the Man," "Hear the sailors cry..."

    Re: The Baker's Best Hair tonic...would that be 20 weight or 30 weight? :)

  14. Wow, what a beautiful bunch of memories and photos. I'm impressed that you met Ara. Gee, Hueco Tanks isn't that far from me, but if there's a "Park Nazi" I'm "out!"

  15. Dancing Diva,
    Don't let the Park Nazi discourage a visit. The story is that before you can stay/hike to the parks pictographs, you must sit through an orientation movie, read a "novella" of rules, and then sign a contact to not disobey, dishonor, or disavow. They (she) just assumes we are there to damage...or spray paint...or otherwise put our greasy hands on the rock art, and a simple sign on the trail saying "Do not touch pictographs" would suffice for 99% of the visitors...and the other one percent is going to touch them no matter what they signed no matter the "education" and "contract."
    Somewhere, the Park Nazi missed an opportunity to be a cop, and now, in her old age, she has a badge and is intent on using it!!!


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