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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Boys, They Like To Strut Their Stuff...

Tired of the same ol' same ol' Sonoran Desert? Me neither, but there's a free "Male Review" playing up in Madera Canyon that's worth catching, one that even the guys will love.

 A nice change of scene awaits in Madera Canyon for all readers hunkered down in the Tucson area. Be sure to bring your camera and binoculars because this place is for the birds... and turkeys, coatimundi, white tail deer, bob cats, and so on.  There's a paved walking path that meanders alongside spring-fed and perennial Madera Creek, and a canopy of live oak and pine for shade (not that we need shade right now). 

 A daily fee of five bucks is charged, but a Senior Parks Pass gets you in for free. One can either park at the mouth of the canyon and walk/hike the paved trail to "The Show" at Santa Rita Lodge, or drive right to the lodge. Benches line a viewing area that has several bird feeders... the "spills" from which attract other critters like the coatimundi!

There is also a small Forest Service campground, maybe 8 to 10 spaces. Nina over at Wheeling It commented that she Googled the campground and thought the spaces might be too small for their motorhome. But three of the spaces are actually quite large. We could have put three "Goldies" and Sue Bee in there! The one on top nearest the restroom is the largest. Verizon Wi Fi worked, tho slow. This for five bucks a night with a Senior Pass. I don't believe the campground filled up once, even tho the weather was (was, mind you) perfect. But hey, snow melts. 

Now let's have a look at the "Boys."

Here's a lone male coatimundi... a handsome relative of the raccoon family but much more rare to see, which makes him "special."

This guy (below) liked to pose for me... or, maybe it was the other way around.

A male Hepatic Tanager provides a splash of color! Lesser Goldfinches like the food at Santa Rita Lodge, too... but I didn't get a good photo with my little "female" pocket camera :(

Now this guy below? he's a real stud. Look at him, showing off his extra long "hardware." It was enough to send me scurrying off with an inferiority complex!

And this macho show-off!!! WTF? He's packin' heat... and look where he's packing it! Only in Arizona, folks... and maybe Texas. Seems like a good way to shoot an additional hole in your ass to me. What was he afraid of, anyway? The squirrels going to get him? He needs a better hat and a holster if he wants to be a real cowboy... and a horse.

Now for the real men, strut tin' and pos en' for the girls.

Viewing area...

Maikel hasn't quite got the hang of the fine art of birdwatching. No wonder you don't see anything, Maikel... you're looking in the wrong direction! That's Sandy McMahan in the green shirt, a "Pro" when it comes to the names of all our avian friends in the forest and desert, not to mention flora and fauna. She gives field trip classes on beginning birdwatching in the Green Valley Area... including Madera Canyon, Catalina S. P., and Patagonia Lake S. P., the latter being where Mr. Elegant Trogon likes to hang out. Give her a call at, 520 648 0054 to sign up for one of her adventures. 

Kubo Cabins for rent

Look for dispersed Boondock camping just before entering the mouth of Madera Canyon... FYI.

Here's our boondock, before we moved on up to the Bog Springs Campground. Below is the road in to the dispersed camping spots.

The view of Mount Wrightson from our boondock...

Susan... soaking up nature and sun in Madera.

Who wouldn't love to camp and hike and bike with these guys!

And finally, guess who drew the short straw on doing laundry? Sheesh, so much for being a manly male. At least I got caught up on my Cosmo reading... and all the gossip in Hollywood.
Peace Out! Now go take a hike!


  1. Another great photo story, thanks for sharing.
    Doing the laundry heck, I do it all the time. Wife sorts it, I take to the machines, read my book while it washes. Take it home and she folds it and puts it away seems like a fair trade to me.

  2. Funny story today... Surely a must see for the animal and human watchers! So when I finally get out on the road can I just follow you and Bobby around and be entertained???

  3. Love the wild boys today! I'm surprised all those toms get along! We used to have turkeys in our neighborhood and one of the toms actually chased me one day when I went to get the mail! Quite an adventure!!!

  4. Geo and Suz,
    Yea, but I had to do everything! Sort, wash, watch... dry, sort, fold, bag, carry... (sniff).

    Thanks, and sure, who doesn't want "followers." Just bring your hiking boots, bike, and sunscreen. Let's do it :))

    Meow Mamma,
    The "boys" pretty much left the "competition" non violent... just who ever could puff up and spread their tail the best. :)) Who knows what really happens after dark, tho :))
    thanks, guys!

  5. What a fun day! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. "Not since the hot springs in the narrow slot canyon along the Colorado River had observers sighted such a bold display of plumage from the male species in the wild."

  7. Coatis, turkeys and squirrels, oh my!

    Your best photos of the day go to the turkey shots. (Oh and Mr. Non-cowboy! LOL)

  8. TexCyn,
    Thanks for coming along :)
    and commenting!

    Oh Suzanne,
    My "tail plumage" is no match for the Tom Boys... as you well know thanks to my impulsive post. Sometimes I throw things into the Blogasphere that I wish I could take back. But hey, were all adults here, and maybe we should occasionally do something childish :))
    I just wish you hadn't reminded me...

    Travel Bug,
    It's pure Arizona, that shot (no pun intended). Still the wild wild west down here. Thanks!

  9. Some fine feathers there! And cheers very much for the mention and answering my question on the campground sizes. VERY good to know!

  10. Nina,
    You are welcome :) It's a great camp... as soon as it warms up. Cheers!


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