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Friday, February 22, 2013

Snowed Out Of Their Minds!

Wow, people really get uptight when it snows down here in southern Arizona. TV stations send out a bazillion reporters to cover every freaking flake and snowman. Then school gets canceled, and the highway department runs its lone snowplow 24/7 (everybody else gets a road grader). But I guess they ran out of road graders because up in Madera Canyon they barricaded the road... yeah, like three miles out... where pavement was snowless and practically dry. So Goldie's up in the campground, freezing her tailpipes off while we're sitting at a roadblock wondering how to get home. What are we supposed to do, get a motel?

It's oxymoronic how criminally stupid laws and/or actions by agencies of government turns honest law abiding citizens into criminals. This required yet another act of Civil Disobedience, so I drove Sue Bee around, not one, but two, "ROAD CLOSED" barricades about a mile apart (gee, they were serious). Under the cover of dusk... stealth mode, lights out... we sneaked back into camp. 

I didn't hit any snow on the road until the canyon proper at Proctor Road. Winding up another couple of miles there was all of an inch at the most... and no one was stirring, not even a mouse. The campground had emptied out so we had it all to ourselves. Cool! We'll build X rated snow-men and women first thing in the morning :0 

Not trying to be a Snow Snob, but this fear of letting citizens drive in an inch of snow mentality makes Coloradans roll with laughter. It takes two feet to keep Sue Bee on her leash back home, and even then she's gnawing on it.  

We woke up to clear skies and another few inches of snow, a total of 4 to 6 inches depending on where you measure and who you ask. This called for a snow-hike up the mountain! Here's what it looked like Post "Blizzard."

My poor Honda! But it started right up...

Ice Ice Baby!

Ready to go on a Snow Hike?

The snow got deeper the further we went up the mountain...

Ebony and Ivory

Beautiful Sycamores... my favorite of all trees


  1. Yep, laughing till my sides hurt! I remember driving in Seattle once with 2 inches of snow. The freeway was littered with abandoned cars. People just left their cars on the side of the road and walked away. Hundreds of them left to gather snow on the side of the freeway, sitting like targets for the next idiot who came whizzing by. What a mess!

    Careful now or there will be a bounty on your head with all this civil disobedience!

  2. Goldie and the woodpecker don't seem to mind the snow, but your bikes look sad! Enjoy the solitude!

  3. We are from Ontario, Canada and very seldom the roads are closed, usually just visibility, certainly not two feet of snow. But the we are used to it just like you guys. Just slow down and take it easy.
    Have fun out there.

  4. We are from Ontario, Canada and very seldom the roads are closed, usually just visibility, certainly not two feet of snow. But the we are used to it just like you guys. Just slow down and take it easy.
    Have fun out there.

  5. I knew you'd have some great pics of that snow. We had a blast living it here in Tucson too. I don't have quite the experience you guys do w/ the white stuff, but I also had a good laugh when I saw how would up everyone was with just a few inches on the ground. Our phone screaming & buzzing weather ALARM, BLIZZARD ALERT. I mean we did get snow, but it wasn't quite as dramatic as the phone made it out to be.

  6. I didn't hear anything about the governor/President declaring Arizona a Disaster/Emergency area. Maybe that's next.

  7. butterbean carpenterFebruary 22, 2013 at 4:36 PM

    Howdy Mark,
    Love the pics!! What has Bobbie got on her back; snowshoes?? That peckerwood looks cooold!!! Sneaking around barricades is coool!! Yep, up the mountains in Azrizona!!! Should have brought the skis!!!


  8. Hurray for Ouray! In Madera canyon. -scamp

  9. They'd close our roads, schools & such here around Houston, TX if that snow & ice were here. But the roads here ice over & become a slip & slide. Folks here aren't used to it & don't know how to drive on it.

    We don't have that kind of weather much actually, so aren't prepared for it when it does hit -- and that's a rarity anyhow.

  10. GREAT photos! I would have loved to have been "stuck" in your situation!

  11. hmmm... I'm "going" to start a blog? so check out my blog here? :) How stupid do spammers think we are??? :)

    Southern Arizonans are hysterical when it snows. The only place I know of where a 1/4" of the stuff gets classified a snow day blizzard! ;)

    ... and I grew up here... I'm still giggling...

  12. Well, jeezlouise, Mark, you guys could've DIED!!! You gotta quit thinking for yourselves like that. :)

  13. I've been in Dallas after a freezing rain...it was like pinball, but played with cars. No one seemed to know that ice and cars driven full tilt don't mix too well.

  14. I'm waiting for pictures of the inside of the jail....

  15. Great "ebony and ivory" tree photos. Looks like you guys are prepared to hike anywhere in any weather.

  16. klbexplores,
    Good :))
    There are some hills in Seattle that would make an Ice storm very interesting...

    Pam and Wayne,
    Glad you caught the woodpecker :) a red head!!
    The bikes aren't getting used much this year :((

    Geo and Suz,
    Good advice... thanks, eh. :)

    Wheeling Nina,
    I hear that... winter is real daytime drama here in Tucson :)) thanks

    Yes, and thus qualify Az for disaster funds. They could spend it securing our parks from drug runners :))

    We toyed with the idea of bringing our snowshoes. Naw... we won't need 'em. HA!

    it feels like home :))

    Houston would be a mess... too many people unused to driving on slick roads...

    It was pretty! Put on a coat and come on up :)

    Spotted Dog,
    I KNOW!!! We are brainwashed from kindergarten to do as signs tell us! I felt so guilty :))

    Tom in Orlando,
    I can imagine the scene. OMG!

    Up River Dave,
    Patience, Dave, patience... we'll get there :)

    thanks. we can't sit still indoors... Bobbie, anyway.
    Thanks, mark

  17. I have a new name for your Lazy Daze...Crazy Daze.

    And you know I read your blog for the photos. Nude snowpeople. LOL.

  18. T B
    I like Crazy Dazy... and Crazy nights :))

  19. Uh oh, that makes at least two of us.


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