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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Riders On The Storm: The Charlie Brown Syndrome

If you would indulge a brief Sonoran Desert pause, I'll whisk you back in time to our stays in the less lush Mohave along the Colorado River corridor... a series of unlikely, but eye-catching "ponds" that entertain as good as any childhood playground.

I'm beginning to understand how "Peanuts'" Charlie Brown feels. There seems to be a cloud over Goldie this winter, following her wherever she goes. Bobbie's mantra "don't let the weather keep you indoors" is being put to the ultimate test. 

Wise Susan, on a precious one year sabbatical from work, has been uttering "just one more day" ever since arriving in southern Arizona... anxiously awaiting the much heralded intersection of mild temperature, warm sun, gentle breeze and clear blue sky. The forecast today says upper forties and windy.  "One more day," Susan. That's what you get for parking next to the Johnsons. This should help explain the dark, ominous skies and jackets in todays post of January's activities.

Riders on the storm 
Riders on the storm 
Into this house we're born 
Into this world we're thrown 
Like a dog without a bone 
An actor out alone 
Riders on the storm 

The Doors

We found excellent five dollar Recreational Area camping and boondocking along the shores of Lake Mead, from Valley of Fire, Nevada, to Parker, Arizona. Someday, should a "normal" winter take a liking to Goldie, we will spend a couple of months in the "corridor," kayaking, biking and hiking in and around the "ponds." Here are a few reason's why.   

After leaving the "corridor," we met up with CowBoy Brian and Ms Heidi... boondocking near Bouse. Yes, it was cold there too.


  1. I think it's been nicer here in SE Utah than AZ the past few weeks, which is hard to believe this time of year. Great photos!

    And I decided to quit blogging, so you may want to take me off your blogroll, Mark. Thanks.

  2. Spotted Dog,
    Thanks for the heads up. I hope you change your mind, tho :((

  3. We were so exhausted from the epic one-month non-stop adventure with the Johnsons that we drove right through this place. Must've had pencils in our ears. -Susan

  4. My ain't he purty! ;)

    We've burned more propane in this global warmed west the past couple of summers and winter than in double that which went before... hmmmm... but that's weather I guess. We should be looking at the Climate! Rather than the weather. That way we'd be warmer??? :)

    I'm hoping for a summer this year... I can't afford the rate of propane consumption to ward off the "warm" ;) Heck even on the sunny days it's too "Warm" to go in just shirt sleeves... gotta have at least a shirt Jac around!

    Ok... poked enough badgers... I gotta get back to my NASCAR prepping...

  5. Hey! That's our favorite beer! We just might do that corridor next winter. Thanks for the preview!

    Metamorphosis Road

  6. Beautiful pictures as always! Our weather at Lake Mead has been nice except for a couple of really windy days.

  7. Walden creek RV steveFebruary 25, 2013 at 9:41 AM

    Mark- Remember DUKE(i finally named my RV) is always at your disposal!! I even have an extras set of keys for you! 80 degrees and relaxing on the beach would be a nice change-Anytime! Year lease here in Melbourne- take care

  8. Now that's "a little sumpin" - (Lagunitas makes a fine IPA as well). Makes me want to stop next time we're enroute to St George. -scamp

  9. Love this episode... esp. the black n' white cloud shots! Thanks for the amazement once again. We've booned near Bouse ourselves! Saw a shooting star go through the big dipper!

    Here's to some fair weather for Miss Goldie!

  10. Susan,
    You were just in a rush to get to your beloved Sonoran Desert :)) Can't blame you there. It's good to be reunited with our hiking buds!!!

    CowBoy Brian,
    That "badger" is going to get you someday :)

    You have good taste in beer, ms Lisa...
    Someday us beer snobs should get together for fine brews and conversate on the wonders of RV life, freedom, and Hops! Thanks!

    Steve and Joan.
    You are brave souls, wandering as far north as you have in a colder than normal winter! Congrats on that, you have the true RV Spirit!!!

    Geo and Suz,
    Thanks guys... ya need to come freeze in Az. some winter :))

    Walden Steve,
    I'm feeling pressure :) It does sound tempting when it's cold outside Goldie'd door :) Someday, my friend, someday. thanks!

    I have the IPA in my dimly lit, climate controlled beer cellar... It awaits you two when and if you ever get the nerve to brave higher altitudes in Tucson. Yuma? you are going to Yuma? omg.

    Meow Momma,
    Thanks M. M.. Love your attendance here at the BCB... and thanks to all for chiming in on the Comments Box!!

  11. Mark, if there's an IPA we are on our way! Would love to meet up with you guys! -scamps

  12. Scamps,
    Then get your butts rollin'
    I found some KBC at Trader Joes... all the way from Kennebunkport :)) A buck a bottle!!!!


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