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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Secondhand Sun... Hiking In The Pink Glow, Deep In Taylor Canyon

On our last day camped in Red Cliffs Recreation Area, we made a short drive to the Kolob section of Zion National Park... looking to add another notch in our hiking belts and bask in the glory of a beautiful sunny day in a beautiful sunny place. Taylor Creek captured our interest. It looked to meander up a murky bottomed canyon. High-rising walls of sunlit sandstone bolted upright, reflecting an eerie nuclear pink glow upon the shadows. 

It was cold out of the sun amid Kolob's graceful canyons. Had I known we would be spending the day in shadow I would have chose another hike. But Miss "Sara" took care to reward the whiny little ungrateful brat and dished onto my "plate" a sense filled feast. 

It took a while to "dawn" on me (pun intended) that the sun doesn't reach Taylor Creek this time of year. Damn it! I drove 600 miles from Colorado to get warm... and had to chose this tunnel of a hike?  But we were there, thus committed to see it through to the "carrot," Double Arch Alcove... even if it was cast in darkness and gloom and cold. 

But as we entered the narrow portion of the canyon, there was this pink glow of filtered light that eased my mood. It bounced off south facing red sandstone walls, permeating the canyon's deepest shadows. Everything was cast in pink. Red and yellow leaves on maples and cottonwoods shone with radioactive brilliance... our faces appeared flushed, as if we just rolled out of the Bit and Spur after Happy Hour. Of course I had no tripod, and only brought my point and shoot Canon Digital Elph. Timed exposure would be needed to catch the mood of this light. I did the best I could, and left the outcome to Miss Sara. Sometimes I need to just get out of her way...
Peace, Love and Joy.


  1. I was expecting all grey.... Wow! Some great shots to reward your effort!

  2. Walden Creek RV steveNovember 3, 2012 at 11:01 AM

    Mark- you never disappoint! Wow-nice pictures- Like I said the best times of your life is on down the road!Enjoy-

  3. Kib Explorer,
    Indeed... hope you are a fast healer and can fill your down time with books and movies. thanks

    Walden Steve,
    You keep reminding me of that... cause some days it doesn't feel like it's true. Did you sell your motorhome yet??? Seems like you had it priced right at 14 K. Thanks for stopping by, mark and bobbie.

  4. Many years ago I backpacked Kolob canyon.... I remember the spooky groves of oak trees and the lack of sunny places. A beautiful place though.

  5. Maureen,
    Spooky and cold, till noon or so. But the reflected light is amazing.

  6. Such beauty. Nice of you to capture it for us.


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