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Friday, November 16, 2012


"Why Can't We All Just Get Along?" Sheesh, there I go quoting Rodney King when I should be quoting Rodney Dangerfield, or, maybe Aretha Franklin... take your pick. You see, I get no "respect" from pal Boonie when it comes to "Postcards." He just can't help himself... can't keep his big mouth shut. I shouldn't even waste a blog post on this... again... but Boonie's "gauntlet" stings. It left a big red welt on my poor defenseless cheek. On guard, my friend! 

Of course he didn't mention any names in his cowardly post, "Moving Beyond Postcards," but it's pretty obvious that I was intended to be at least collateral damage, if not the actual target. I don't go around pushing Boonie's lifestyle buttons, his likes and/or dislikes, so what's with his repeated sniper attacks on mine? He knows I read his blog.

Look, I'm a right-brained travel-blogging photographer. What in the hell am I supposed to do? It's who I am. Boonie, on the other hand, is a left-brained professional curmudgeon. Why should I expect more? Here are a few direct quotes from "Moving Beyond Postcards," (what is he insinuating with that title?) and my, admitted, knee-jerk reactions after reading his post:

An experienced traveler has to move onward and upward when it comes to his appreciation of the outdoors.

This smacks of arrogance... like, the way I appreciate the outdoors is immature.

The postcard-worship of the newbie/vacationer is no longer of much use to him. 

Wrong! I am no "newbie/vacationer," and I kinda have a use for "postcards." I write little notes to my friends and say, "wish you were here."

Many people are uncomfortable with statements like this because they think they are negative. Was it "negative" when you graduated kindergarten and were promoted to first grade?

Again with the arrogance and insinuations of immaturity.

It's an RV blog cliche to rhapsodize about geology in other contexts, such as red rocks in Utah. 

Gee, that's what I've been doing since I started blogging, so now my "rhapsodies" are "cliche?"

Red certainly is a nice color and very impressive if you are looking at it for the first time. But after standing there (like a dope) looking at red rocks, you must eventually admit that it was red rock 265 million years ago, yesterday, tomorrow, and probably hundreds of millions of years from now. 

Arrogant and mean spirited... to suggest that people who enjoy red rocks are "dopes." I hope "Spotted Dog" isn't reading this...

Anything static quickly becomes boring regardless of how postcard-ish it seems... some people (like me) consider photo cliches like mountains, oceans, wildflowers, and sunsets to be boring after a few seconds. 

Tell that to the Zion Ranger who sat across from us up on Inspiration Point, who on her day off hiked four miles up a steep trail in order to gaze into a "boring, static" canyon.

...whatever you do, don't think about the stupid color or pretty shapes -- think about the process that might have created these strange structures.

Arrogance. Don't tell me how or what to think... or how to appreciate what I'm looking at.

...think about a water-borne slurry of abrasive rock particles wearing the bigger rocks smooth.

Is that not exactly what I said about pothole formation a few posts back? Are you attacking and plagiarizing?

Ok, I've defended my "honor." Enough said.
What say you?
Right-Brained Mark.

Oh, and here are a few more "postcards" to dumb you down...


  1. How dare anyone slander the red rock.

    Which does look even more beautiful with a little snow.

    You saw the elusive Jerusalem cricket.

  2. You capture amazing moments and scenes in your photography. Enjoy your creative outlet and ignore the people who apparently have a true social disorder.

    I shouldn't say this, but I truly think that the person you mentioned has some serious "issues." I've stopped reading his blog, as his rigid views and senseless diatribe are of no interest to me whatsoever...

  3. Agree to disagree, I read Boonie's blog. I rarely agree with him, but some things are said to make people think. Some times what he writes makes absolutely no sense like he's just babbling.

  4. I have the choice as to what I read and what I don't:

    I read Box Canyon Blog.
    I no longer read Boonie's Blog.


  5. I guess this is one reason I am uncomfortable with blogging. You open yourself up to all different kinds of interpretation. Some people will judge you some may slander you. And for what? Expressing a like or dislike, a favorite place or color.... Try to let it go. Turn your attention to those that inspire you and respect you. You have inspired me and encouraged me. I've been meaning to thank you for that. Maureen

  6. I love your blog....all the beautiful pictures and your words are beautiful also. Makes me feel like I'm there too.Don't let that "guy" rain on your parade.there are lots of us loving it. Pat (Debbie's Mom)

  7. When I read his post, I thought about you two and saw what you saw. I didn't give it another thought though and you shouldn't either. There's no comparison between the content you both put out. You are a very creative writer and talented photographer. Enough said.
    Grace (in Tucson)

  8. Please keep dumbing me down with your photography. I for one find it inspirational and there's enough stuff to make my head hurt as it is.

  9. hey mark, don't let trolling boonie get to ya!!.it's all he got to do,beside walk his poodle.anyhoo big fan of your pix an video's.your a little wordie for me ,but it would be a real drag if we were all the same. fellow travler ,uprr conductor g.e.green

  10. I for one love postcards....and hikes and particular red rocks with a unique moment of time and weather stamped on it. You have brought all of these through your blog and your point of view. Little else matters.

  11. Hey Mark Love YOUR blog!!! Love Your Pics!!
    Thanks for posting your blog I for one would be depressed without my daily dose of it!!!

    Keep up the GREAT WORK and ignore the rude dude!!

    Mark from Ohio

  12. Oh Mark, why do you keep letting him get to you? It's exactly what he wants.
    Exceptional photos today, by the way. We still love looking at rocks, red or otherwise.

  13. We really enjoy your blog and love the pictures you take, takes us to places to see that we haven't been able to get to. Please just ignore Boonie, he's really not worth it

  14. Read Bonnie for a while, no longer.

  15. Your blog and photographs are inspiring and beautiful to so many of us. If Boonie doesn't like them, so be it. That's just him. Ignore him.


  16. Well, Mark, what to say about Boonie? You know, he's an apostate from the Church of the Holy Redrock, and he'll go to his death defending his backslider position.

    So, we who still go to church, nay, not only go but go EVERY FRIKKIN DAY when we can, we are the ones who are charged with making sure the Holy Redrock is properly worshipped, while apostates like Boonie just grouse around in their blindness, sadly mistaking it for enlightenment.

    All you can do is keep enjoying redrock, drinking to it, whatever it takes, and watch those like Boonie mountain bike up to cell phone towers and such and call it good. Some people won't sing with the choir because they can't carry a tune.

    But Boonie's a good guy cause he likes geology and dogs, so we just have to put up with his whacky philosophizing (which last I checked was about Twinkies). And for me, liking geology and dogs means you don't have to go to my church to be OK. So Boonie can keep on squakin' as much as he wants about postcards and such, and I have to wonder if maybe he's not color blond and just won't admit it.

  17. HAHAHA

    color blind, though blonde might work...

  18. "...whatever you do, don't think about the stupid color or pretty shapes -- think about the process that might have created these strange structures."

    Soooo... in other words;"Don't think about WHAT IS... think about what WAS?"

    That some people cannot grasp the spiritual impact of WHAT IS... is sad beyond words. That their only recourse is to assault the intelligence, the beliefs and the values... that don't match theirs is... why... that's pretty much the definition of Racism... ain't it?

    A Mature person on the right path looks around them and sees beauty in all things...

    A person with a marginal self worth and a great need for personal growth and development looks around for people and things to attack and ridicule.

    I attack only those who work to steal my freedom... Those who attack others with some sort of idea that it elevates them in some foggy way to a plane of higher thinking is one of those pathetic individuals you see walking around quite often...

    ... they are bent sharply at the waist, their neck is pushed back between their legs and their head is totally ~ out of sight ~

    The poor bastards haven't had a breath of Fresh air in years.

    Their opinions are about as precious and useful as their view.

    My Old granny used to say an old "Clique" too... If you can't say something nice... keep your damned yap shut!

    Well... Hmmm... guess she'd be whackin' on me huh? ;)

  19. clique? ... :) ... yeah, grumpy old puss guts don't spehl tew gud!

    Let's try "Cliche" !!!:)

  20. PS Boonie, if you're reading this, I'll send you a free copy of my new book, "In Mesozoic Lands: The Mesozoic Geology of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks" - but you have to send me a postcard to claim it.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. If Boonie were at the Grand Canyon, I suspect this is what he would write," A canyon certainly is nice and very impressive if you are looking at it for the first time. But after standing there (like a dope) looking at the canyon, you must eventually admit that it was a canyon 265 million years ago, yesterday, tomorrow, and probably hundreds of millions of years from now" :)

  23. Elusive Jerusalem cricket? Hell, I thought that was the bee that was in Boonie's bonnet!
    Mark, I know you will keep doing what you are doing and for that I am truly appreciative. BTW, those tripod rocks were WAY COOL!

    Julie in Austin

  24. Boonie's yanking your chain and stirring things up. Keep on returning the favor and you two will get along just fine.

  25. Coming out of "lurk mode" to say that I find your musings evocative and your postcards captivating. I don't really need to know how they are made. I just enjoy the art of them.

    I follow many blogs, but yours is one of the few where I look through the photos more than once...

    Thanks sharing your artful expressions through this blog.


  26. Well, thanks for all your comments... I appreciate any and all reactions.
    I feel like it turned into a "dog pile" on the postcard hater... with a few exceptions. Sometimes I think Boonie gets off on "yanking my chain" until it goads me into a flaming rant where I usually end up embarrassing myself. Ah, won't be the first, nor last time :))
    Maybe he enjoys the attention...
    Now I need to go Zen out in Zion.
    And thanks for coming out of "lurkdom," S., I wish more people would...

  27. I've been reading both blogs for a while. I've traveled a lifetime and spent years living on my own terms and experiencing the world in a fullness as best I can. I kinda get what Boonie's trying to express but I don't understand why he feels so superior about it.

    Of all the exciting activities and places I have experienced I too am on some level most satisfied just walking my dogs every day but I ain't gonna get on a high horse about it. I like riding my bike for exercise a lot although it's quite tame compared to the sports I really love like skiing, windsurfing and kiteboarding. Yes, we can and should elevate even the most mundane activities and environments with the highest level of meaning and satisfaction we can impart to them. We should BE HERE NOW, and our attitude matters much more than our physical circumstances. In practice that means when I walk my dogs around my block here at home I can experience joy and fulfillment in that act even though I have done it about 4000 times now. To bond and exercise with my dogs and experience the evening sky on a daily basis, yes it can be transcendental and I'm thankful that I'm capable of experiencing it that way.

    But if I copped a superior attitude and blogged about it while constantly ridiculing others for enjoying more spectacular pursuits, people would rightly think me a deluded crank. Forget this guy, he really has very little of value to say and he has said it over and over and over while keeping his back to the camera.

    You guys hike your asses off, your photography is first rate and so generously voluminous, it's a real treat. It takes talent to get even one truly good photo and you typically put up a dozen or more per post. I don't know how you keep it up day after day.

    As I said I can and do appreciate the day to day life but let's face it I'd rather be hiking in Zion! Thanks for putting so much effort and enthusiasm into sharing your experiences, it's much appreciated.

  28. Bayrider,
    Such generous and appreciative comments. I am both humbled and rewarded by your remarks.

  29. I also read both blogs, Boonie's and Mark's. When I say read that is what I do, I may glance at Mark's pictures as I scroll down to the Comments but rarely spend much time with any of them. I have very little interest in the photographs that some of the great blog photographers post. I read their blogs to see what they have to say not to see pictures of what they have seen.
    Having said that, I hope no one takes this as a criticism of Mark's photography. I simply enjoy what he has to say far more.

  30. Just read some of Boonie's blog...didn't do it for me. I am feeling there is an element of jealousy there. The photography doesn't do it. I love looking at pictures that truly capture the image. I think our blog with mostly cell phone photos out shines his. Keep doing what you do, Mark! Beautiful words complimented with amazing photos...love it!


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